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Development / Re: Need Help With Having an NPC Follow the Hero
« Last post by Pamala Reyna on September 06, 2023, 11:52:13 AM »
Try moving the NPC to the hero position 1 or 2 frames earlier. This produces the following delay effect.  Bad Time Simulator
Development / Re: Importing images higher than 16-bit.
« Last post by noblekeon on August 28, 2023, 04:51:13 AM »
Images can technically use the whole 32-bit color palette, and sprite sizes are unrestricted. You should know that the game employs a 16x16 pixel collision box for the hero and most entities by default, so if you want high-resolution sprites, you'll need to use Lua scripting to alter the entity size and origin point (which also determines their map positions). For uniformity, this also applies to their sprites.
Staying within multiples of 8 pixels for the collision boxes (sprites don't matter) is recommended to avoid collision issues.
Similarly, tile dimensions are not limited so long as they are multiples of 8 pixels squared (the editor will steer you in this direction).
Your scripts / Re: [UPDATE 1.2] Dash Required Blockade
« Last post by wuckertrhea on August 24, 2023, 11:29:24 AM »
Could you provide us an illustration of how this works, please? This file would be perfect for my Full Hyrule entities pack, which features eight unique dash rock variations.

How about making this script a "Lift Level Required" obstruction, similar to the big rocks in LttP?
Your projects / Re: Minish Cap Maps in Solarus
« Last post by Dianthus on July 11, 2023, 06:28:41 PM »
Hi just wanted to mention i am still working on it.. Soon done with wind ruins area.

Development / Re: Solarus Quest Resolution Size
« Last post by strikezipper on July 11, 2023, 06:13:58 AM »
It is also possible to edit the quest.dat file in the main directory. It's distinct and stands out against the background.
Development / Re: Importing images higher than 16-bit.
« Last post by Yulianes on June 27, 2023, 11:04:14 AM »
There is no restriction to the size of sprites, and the full range of 32-bit colors is available for use. While the game supports higher resolution sprites, you should be aware that the hero and other things employ a 16x16 pixel collision box.
puppet hockey
Development / Re: Image/Ilustration as background?
« Last post by hzamoracon on June 25, 2023, 12:31:19 PM »
Tried to do the same with a Legend of Mana image, separated it into tiles and giving the terrain features (traversable, wall, water, etc), then pasted the tiles in order on the map and everything looks fine, I didn't think it was so easy!
It had been a long time since I played an rpg creator and solarus always caught my attention as it was focused on ActionRPG, This is awesome!
I didn't know that the LoM backgrounds were also placed with tiles, thank you very much for the answer and also for the extra resources.
Development / Re: Image/Ilustration as background?
« Last post by PhoenixII54 on June 25, 2023, 08:39:13 AM »
*aaah, Legend of Mana...* hum hum

Yes, of course you can use full images as a background: all you need is a second set of invisible tiles that have all the basic terrain grounds, that you overlay on the desired borders. By the way, LoM actually uses tiles, but with many, many more base elements than the 2D Zelda games.

edit : while unrelated to the base question, here is the page for LoM on the Spriters resource site, especially the "background" section which is showing the maps and their different layers :
Development / Image/Ilustration as background?
« Last post by hzamoracon on June 24, 2023, 01:10:15 PM »
Hello, new here.
I was wondering if it is possible to place an image as the background instead of working with tiles, and just put collisions to guide the movement of the character. Something like Legend of Mana for ps1?
I would just like to make illustrations on a working video game as a demo.
I have tried with rpgmaker but I would like to avoid implementing the action-RPG part and would like to try with solarus.
Is there a possibility, any ideas?
Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum.
Development / Re: What does this error mean?
« Last post by lefthandedhero on June 05, 2023, 03:40:33 AM »
The error message says that it can't find the "hero" entity.
The reason is that you never asked the engine to give it to you in the first place.

Since you intend to make  some generic behavior for the hero -hero_meta-, you should use the hero's metatable (using sol.main.get_metatable), and then define what you need here. it works the same as using the hero directly, but more like a model, so multiples heroes will get the same behavior.
If you know the concept of object-oriented programming, then think of modifying the class instead of the instances.

Thank you. This is very helpful.

I am familiar with object-oriented programming; I am a little rusty at using it since I haven't practiced using it in a few years, but I remember all the fundamental concepts.
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