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General discussion / Forum Password Bug
« Last post by jasonkhanlar on September 14, 2021, 02:30:02 PM »
Hi! i just registered to the forum, and I changed my password, but firstly I successfully registered with this randomly generated 256 character length password (with spaces and symbols) without any errors at all. It registered fine!

Code: [Select]
^C.&4[vdSj'Rk/iijxcx"j&F(RNK;A%S|,g]+&b1Pui+*Zr`t(r~2_54hCy +*x_e#PR@rI)eMyHB.VOmz4fb,?ED]4~NPFWedCAsMZ#eB3![h t*tsY zZ.w~i`gP`kfP?m3\8J)J3l45;-OIY4x."^$P2\*0_!_B5_II{\p\jLO:qW$r> mTwMpp-*>A@tKi.[BL2$uY["=A*r]r18Y7tkgX>FN^0JDYx`5>3]]T(A{~-Vi,JB8MLBLWd.\`+
However, when I tried to log in, I could not log in.
Bugs & Feature requests / Question and suggestion about default blend mode
« Last post by Diarandor on August 30, 2021, 03:24:58 PM »
Hi! Although I'm not active these days, I have a question about the default blend mode.

The engine v1.6.x currently uses the following as default blend mode (called "blend"):
"blend" (default): This drawable object is alpha-blended onto the destination surface.
dstRGB = (srcRGB * srcA) + (dstRGB * (1 - srcA))
dstA = srcA + (dstA * (1 - srcA))
Link to the Lua API:

Why was this blend mode chosen? I do not like it because it is not associative, which is a bad property because this is not what happens in the real world. Let me explain this. In our real world, when you overlap 3 semitransparent surfaces A, B and C, the associative property
Code: [Select]
(A * B) * C = A * (B * C)is satisfied, where "A * B" means putting or drawing A above B.

However, the "over" blending mode ( does satisfy the associativity, and is given by
Code: [Select]
newA = srcA + dstA - dstA * srcA      // This is equivalent to the current alpha in "blend".
newRGB = ( srcA * srcRGB + (1 - srcA) *  dstA *  dstRGB ) / newA.
Note that if newA is 0, the denominator in newRGB should be replaced by 1 (or whatever, because the new surface becomes transparent) to avoid a NaN error.

So these are my suggestions:
1) Add a new blend mode to the engine, called "over".
2) Set the "over" blend mode as default, if this does not produce incompatibilities with the old "blend" mode.

If you like the idea, we could open an issue for this. If there is a reason to keep "blend" as default, I would like to know, just by curiosity.
Your projects / Gradius-like Prototype
« Last post by Spikira on August 24, 2021, 09:11:55 AM »
I made this prototype for a gradius-like/space shooter. Feel free to use it:

Made a few bugfixes.
Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Problem running yarntown
« Last post by LolzNeuer on August 23, 2021, 02:19:48 PM »
Thanks Max, I got it to work using the Force Software Rendering. Might be quite a long time since I posted this thread. Hopefully anyone that had the same problem found this.
Your projects / Re: Minish Cap Maps in Solarus
« Last post by Dianthus on August 21, 2021, 04:51:27 PM »
Ups, yeah i didnt mean to upload that house tile from KingMob, i was testing stuff on how to do layers and walls on houses. I didnt see I forgot it in the hyrule field tileset. I just tried to remove it, but my pull request dont seem to work now? I cant upload new files  ???

The tiles seemed somewhat useable, but yeah i can see the water animations are totally broken. Gonna try to figure out how it all matches up together, though i cant find anything that resemples an order. Lots of tiles are also missing in the hyrule town all the scultures on top of house where not there.
Your projects / Re: Minish Cap Maps in Solarus
« Last post by Max on August 21, 2021, 04:27:46 PM »
The new stuff looks good! I'm glad you're already planning a 5+ year timeframe, since this is a very big project indeed : )

So I mean, I certainly won't make you start over and use different tilesets haha, but the "tilesets" in the Minish Cap resource pack were totally unfinished, and I'm guessing they were not meant to be used until someone deleted the "tiles" that were present and made new ones. But if you've made changes and consider them usable to your standards, then go ahead! However, I will say that if the tilesets were set up properly, I would not expect it to take very long to re-create Minish Cap's Hyrule Field. Maybe a couple weeks if you just spend a few evenings on the project?

With the tilesets as they are, I do not see any way to get the water to animate. For one thing, I can't tell if there even are animation frames in these tilesets. Second, to have animated tiles in Solarus tilesets, each frame of the animation needs to be adjacent to the other frames.

For example, in the attached image, the frames for the cliff are next to each other vertically, that's how the animation is laid out. The little wave is animated horizontally.

If you can find all the frames of animation for Minish Cap water, then you'll have to arrange them in rows or columns like this, then set up the animations. You'll have to find all the animation frames yourself (I don't think they're all in the "tilesets" in the resource pack), then arrange them properly, then set up the animations in the tileset editor.

Good luck reaching King Mob! I don't think anyone's ever been able to. As a side note, I don't think we should have his tiles in the tileset, as they're not really the same as using Nintendo tiles, it's weird for Solarus to be providing them on their website (I don't think it was done intentionally).
General discussion / Re: Export game to a specific platform?
« Last post by Max on August 21, 2021, 04:11:56 PM »
I'm not super familiar with Mega Drive but I think so, yeah!

The Solarus launcher will display and allow you to launch and play various .solarus files, so maybe thinking of it like a rom file isn't too far off : )

Except secretly, it's just a compressed file with everything unencrypted, and it's easy to get inside and see what's going on haha
Your projects / Re: Minish Cap Maps in Solarus
« Last post by Dianthus on August 21, 2021, 01:14:58 PM »
Sry for long response back Max. You wrote alot so i struggled with what to do respond.

No I have not made any new tilesets i just worked directly from what i downloaded and began editting the tiles and added missing ones if neeeded. I hope that is not a problem, i am soon done with hyrule fields and hope i dont want to start over   :o

Thx for the code for fullscreen. I didnt even know that could be in the main file. I havent looked there at all.

I need help though with getting the water animation to work i have no idea how it works based on the tiles in the resourse pack. I can probably fix the pink stuff myself, i can find the tiles through other .png files online and fix it gradually. Interesting reason why its pink, i thought it was just a glitch of some sort  :)

The project have changed abit though. I decided to do a Minish Cap DX project instead, where i add two need dungeons to the game and new areas. Basically i add new areas south of the map.

Here is some of the new areas on the map down south of hyrule:

To the left i add a desert area and dungeon, and down the river i add a waterfall and water dungeon.

So its a much larger project now consisting of remaking old areas and adding new stuff, though i got time. I am using tiles from four swords and hopefully i can get permission from KingMob to use some of his unique tiles and the Echoes of Aurelia guys. This is intended to be my large project i can work in the next 5+ years in the community  :P.
General discussion / Re: mit license files - where to put?
« Last post by leon on August 21, 2021, 01:30:50 AM »

Thank you, one of video lessons explain tha.... sort of... but now I understand!

General discussion / Re: Export game to a specific platform?
« Last post by leon on August 21, 2021, 01:29:23 AM »

thanks  for  your answer!

So, the .solarus format is kind of rom file? Like the  .smg format for mega drive emulators?
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