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Development / Game Command Override Isn't Be...
Last post by lefthandedhero - May 12, 2024, 08:14:33 PM
In my code, I wrote the "game:on_command_pressed(command)" event to override the built-in behaviour of the sword command. However, when I run my game, the "game:on_command_pressed(command)" event is never called and the built-in behaviour is used.

I put the event in its own metatable called "game_meta.lua" (which is in a file called "meta") and, in features.lua, I wrote, "require("scripts/meta/game_meta")".

Why is the engine not calling the event, and how do I get the engine to call the event?

EDIT: It turns out that I accidentally wrote the wrong variable name in my code; I accidentally wrote "if action == "attack"" instead of "if command == "attack"".
Your scripts / Dash Scripts
Last post by AParticularMaker - March 13, 2024, 01:55:39 AM
In my last post I stated I would post my script for forward dashing and backward dashing based upon the direction the character is facing.
I've attached two files, over_ride.lua is the dash script and the main.lua is how I integrated it into the project.

Like I've stated before this was based upon Max's YarnTown game, and I've modified it for use in game I was working on.
Far as I can tall any one can use these scripts for free or commercial games.

Unless I hear from Max or someone else, I will just leave these here so others can use them.

Till next time,
General discussion / Re: Question Relating to Origi...
Last post by Nicholas - March 02, 2024, 10:45:31 PM
Ah, I see!  Thanks so much for explaining.  This was my first time reading a DAT file, as well as learning of its existence, and was unsure of why it was positioned there.  I was under the assumption that the origin point would usually be positioned in the center of a sprite instead of representing the lid or other visual details - like you mentioned.
Your projects / The Labors of Zeldo
Last post by ZeldoGames - February 29, 2024, 05:10:38 PM
Hello everyone !

It's been a while since I last embarked on a new project... but here I am today, back with a finished project this time.
Let me introduce you The Labors of Zeldo !

Summary :

A concept more than a game, The Labors of Zeldo offers you the opportunity to explore, like a museum, all the works that the Creator Zeldo never officially released.
Enjoy !

Game System :

In The Labors of Zeldo,you can explore the unreleased projects that ZeldoRetro made using the Solarus Engine. Games, retranscriptions of existing contents or simple tests, ZeldoRetro is offering you to play them in a totally playable and enjoyable version.

Wave 1 - Tower of the Triforce :

This 1st Wave of content is about The Legend of Zelda : Tower of the Triforce, a project made during 2017-2019 and never finished, due to a lack of inspiration, too many ideas and too much ambition.
The wave has several environments with many collectibles to lengthen the playtime, and a lot of development notes, tips and anecdotes to reward the players who collect them all. It is estimated to have a length of 4 to 6 hours.

Screenshots :

As always, thank you for leaving me a comment and your feedback on this new project. If I have to release more waves of content, I will keep you informed on this topic as well, with the updated link, a message presenting the wave, etc.

With that said, enjoy the game everyone ! :D
Development / What does this error in my ite...
Last post by lefthandedhero - January 26, 2024, 04:46:11 PM
I recently started making an item and one thing about this item is that, when the hero obtains the item, an entity appears near the hero. I saw that all item scripts have "local map = item:get_map()" near the top of the script, so, in my item:on_obtained() function, I wrote, "local hero = map:get_hero()" so that I could then obtain the hero's position for knowing where to place the entity. However, when I tested my code by having the hero obtain the item, I got this error message:

"attempt to index upvalue 'map' (a nil value)"

What does this error mean?

EDIT: I fixed the problem by adding, "local map = item:get_map()" to the function.
General discussion / Re: Question Relating to Origi...
Last post by corinedye - January 26, 2024, 08:56:39 AM
Hello, as I know, the origin_x and origin_y values in the DAT file represent the coordinates of the origin point or pivot point of a sprite.

The origin point is the reference point around which the sprite is positioned and rotated. It is used to determine the position of the sprite in the game world and how it interacts with other game elements. uno online

Regarding the specific example of the chest sprite you mentioned, where the chest is 16 pixels by 16 pixels and has an origin_x of 8 and origin_y of 13, it's important to note that the origin point is not necessarily located at the center of the sprite.

The origin_x value of 8 means that the x-coordinate of the origin point is positioned at 8 pixels from the left edge of the sprite. This value of 8 corresponds to half the width of the sprite (16 pixels / 2 = 8 pixels), which aligns the origin point with the center of the sprite horizontally.

The origin_y value of 13 means that the y-coordinate of the origin point is positioned at 13 pixels from the top edge of the sprite. The specific value of 13 for the chest sprite is determined based on the visual design and alignment of the sprite graphics. It may be offset to accurately represent the positioning of the chest's lid or other visual details.
Bugs & Feature requests / Select controller when multipl...
Last post by Tartifless - January 22, 2024, 05:24:11 PM
Hello folks,

When i have 2 controllers connected (say sdl index 0 and sdl index 1), is there a way to force solarus to use controller with index 1 instead of the other one (it currently seems to pick only the first one).

The platform is Windows 11.

Development / Question About Using 8-Bit Gra...
Last post by lefthandedhero - January 14, 2024, 06:33:06 PM
If I understand correctly, the default art assets in the game's engine are 16-bit. I'm planning on using 8-bit NES-like art made using Pro Motion (the pixel art tool that the Shovel Knight team used), and I was wondering if there's anything I need to keep in mind in regards to using 8-bit sprites, tiles, etc. in this engine.
General discussion / Re: What's Your Favorite Zelda...
Last post by cake54 - January 11, 2024, 10:51:54 AM
 The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past is the best one
General discussion / Re: My new YouTube channel, 10...
Last post by cake54 - January 11, 2024, 10:51:26 AM
good job, I subscribe.