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Your projects / Minish Cap Maps in Solarus
July 10, 2021, 03:52:30 PM
I have began making the Minish Cap maps in solarus so they are available as resourses for the community.

Here is my progress on some areas:

Main Town - (like 75% done i guess)

Anyway If anyone wants to help just say so. You can your own area to work on. I am currently working on hyrule fields and minish woods.
Development / space shooter games in solarus?
April 06, 2021, 10:49:09 AM
I have sort of given up a major project for now and i am just doing random stuff with solarus for now  :P

Of pure interest is it possible to do space shooter games in solarus?

What I mean is it possible to have basically a space ship that always point forward, while the map scrolls with a constant speed forward?

I am currently doing some science fiction tiles and just wanted to know if its possible to stuff like this in solarus:
Hi I have a new bug i think, in 1.6.4, i havent seen before. When i click f11 for full resolution it bugs out like this, where it dont fill out the whole screen vertically even though there is space for it.

Besides that I would really like a zoom out level of 800 %. I use alot of giant maps than could use that extra out zoom level.
Hi guys..!
I have a problem that i don't seem to know how to solve regarding separators in solarus. I have this overworld map where i want to do an outward corner with two separators.

Areas of the overworld are divided up with trees that the player is not meant to see over. It have worked for now with separators with inward corner areas, but now i want to do have an area with an outward corner cut out and it don't work with separators apparently?

Basically the interaction i want is that when the player goes around the outward corner the hero can only see downward on the screen when the hero is no longer on the horizontal separators area. What i got instead is two invisible separators that extend, so when the hero is near the outward corner it creates a horizontal and vertical separator that extends beyond their actual length rather than blocking the camera from moving down the horizontal or vertical corner until the hero is outside 416x240 view area of the outward separator corner. Idk that makes sense? 

Is it possible to do an outward corner cut like this into the map without this problem? I have seen the youtube video on separators by Christopho and the documentation blog. I don't have the same problem with the inward corner cuts you see. Is it a problem like with T shaped corners and doors?

Here is the specific area. The purple are the invisible separators. When the hero goes down the outward corner there are two invisible separator walls that split up the map like that.

Hi guys i just used +10 hours now on trying to design my hero's hair. Basically given up with which one i think is best... Here is the ones i have reduced it down to:

Guys which type of hair do you think that are best for my hero, Coral? I am just gonna use which ever design most people like.. only solution i have at this point - cant get myself to choose and stick with it..  :)

My hero is inspired by the stop-motion movie Coraline, which features the character Coral(ine) with blue hair in a yellow rain suit..
Hi guys. I am not native in english. I am new to the solarus engine and I currently doing a personal project. Its basically a reimagination of links awakening. How do I make the music shift when the hero goes in or out of a city on the same map file. Basically I have this map:

I want a music track for when the hero is in the fields, when he is in the castle town and one when the hero is in the small town next to the ocean. Basically everytime the hero crosses the drawbridge i want the music to change on the same map file.. ermm how do i do it? I cant seem to find the answer myself or if its possible..

best regards David