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Your projects / Re: Zelda's Adventure: Solarus Edition
November 13, 2020, 01:44:07 AM
That'd be pretty cool. I'll send you a message on Discord.
Hello again! It's been a while but I've still been working on this...very slowly and periodically. I'm looking for people who can help me out on the project, whether you prefer to be paid or a volunteer. I'll put you in the credits either way.

What I need:
- people who know how to use GitHub and can teach me how to make it more than simply online storage
- mappers to look at what I've made so far and see whether any improvements need to be made to how the tiles and objects are arranged
- pixel artists to improve my custom sprites
- programmers to implement scripts that make it more like a game (like adding functioning puzzles and menus)
- quest/dungeon designers to add more stuff to do, like sidequests and such. This would mainly involve brainstorming with me on this.
- a musician who can arrange the main theme in the ALTTP soundfont and implement custom music (I can provide all these assets)

I've currently mapped out about a quarter of the overworld, created templates for all the dungeons and written the dialogue up to Wimbich Village (just after the first dungeon). So there's still a long way to go, and I recognise I'm not going to get there without help. So if you can contribute to any of the above roles, please let me know!
General discussion / Re: Free Pixel Art Making Programs
September 30, 2018, 08:20:20 AM
I'm not gonna lie, I tend to use MS Paint for basic construction and then use Photoshop to make it transparent. I know Paint is limited but it's easy to use and it's what I'm familiar with. I also just find copying and pasting easier in Paint.
Your projects / Re: Zelda's Adventure: Solarus Edition
September 02, 2018, 02:52:54 PM
lol like I would be promoting this thing widely what with Nintendo bringing down the banhammer on whatever it can lately, even though it didn't originally make Zelda's Adventure.
I know that there are probably some maps I've made that could look better in case you want something in particular to look at, especially ones with cliffs and stuff. It would also be good to know whether the way maps look is reasonably natural looking, as I tried to spread out rock and grass tiles randomly but equally.
And perhaps I could lend my assistance to you as well. Don't know what I could be useful with but I may as well since you've offered to help me. Maybe if there's some spritework you need done I could do that.
Your projects / Re: Zelda's Adventure: Solarus Edition
September 02, 2018, 04:09:05 AM
QuoteI love that this project exists and I truly hope you complete it. I'm doing something similar in remaking Zelda 2 so I know the struggle of translating 2d to top down (and making a github was a really damn good idea, wtf is wrong with me) but if I can offer any support in future i'll be sure to let you know <3"

I REALLY wanna play this haha
Hello there! I'm glad to hear that! I'm not actively working on it at the moment as my attention has been drawn towards other non-game related projects but I do intend to complete it at some point. Zelda's Adventure was a damn good idea that suffered at the hands of poor game developers and console limitations, so translating it into a real Zelda-like game is the most merciful thing anybody could do. Hell, I know that if I wasn't the one working on this project I myself would want to play this game.

If you have any assistance you'd want to offer, I'm always open! And if you do want to play what's there so far, you can download the files from the GitHub and open them in Solarus.
This is my current to-do list, in no particular order. Obviously as I continue to progress through the mapping and whatnot I'll find more things that will need to be addressed.

To do list:
1.   Finish writing game dialog
2.   Finish Zelda's sprites
3.   Add title screen
4.   Finish mapping overworld and dungeons
5.   Make it so you can't exit Vision Henge without the sword and shield
6.   Find places to hide heart pieces
7.   Implement inventory screen
8.   Implement saving
9.   Program bosses
10.   Fix behaviour of Tektites, Leevers, Peahats and Geldman (this entry may expand as future problems arise)
11.   Shrine of Earth
a.   Cc07- make chest spawn
b.   Same goes for rooms containing Taros
c.   Implement boss
d.   Implement entry dialog
e.   Implement dark rooms
12.   Chest spawning in Vision Henge centre east and ad24
13.   Enable quests for hungry and thirsty ladies
14.   Witch encounter to generate enemies
15.   Proper implementation of shop items in Ogbam Forest and Inn

That's all I've got to say for now. I'll update my GitHub a little later, but I feel like updates aren't going to be as frequent as before.
Cools :)
I don't have the soundfont, nor a particular timeframe. Just sometime between now and whenever the game is complete, and who knows when that will be. It's low on my list of priorities to include but I figured I'd cast the line out early rather than scrabble around furiously later on when there's nothing else I need to put in. But I imagine the soundfont wouldn't be too difficult to find, as plenty of ALttP remixes of Zelda songs exist out there.
I'm afraid not, and I suspected it would need a total remake. I just meant the melody would be the same but recreated in the ALttP style.
 Ok, I've finally got it working :) So I can put this issue to bed.
Nope, the origin is exactly the same on all of them and the guy is set to be a "somebody". And I tried using that path direction setting, it just resulted in the illegal direction error.
Oh, ok. It doesn't appear to be making any difference to the code now, though.
local map = ...
local game = map:get_game()

function map:on_started()
local movement = sol.movement.create("path")


function traveller2:on_interaction()
game:start_dialog ("plains_traveller")


function map:on_opening_transition_finished()

I've seen the term boolean quite a bit but don't understand what it means.
Holy hell how did I not even make a walking animation I feel so dumb
He still doesn't move like he should, kinda sliding upwards a bit before stopping, but there's no error messages this time.
Hello all! I'm needing somebody who can create a remix of the following song using the ALttP soundfont: (title screen) (longer version)
The ALttP asset pack has most of the music I need for my game, but I want this song in the game as well for the title screen and important cutscenes. Send me a message if you're interested and we can discuss prices.