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Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
November 26, 2021, 04:04:40 AM
No such luck, unfortunately - I just pulled the SD card out of my RetroPie and had my computer search the entire file structure - it didn't find any "error.txt".  :(
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
November 24, 2021, 02:56:04 AM
Well, that's an unfortunate bug to run into.

I got my copy off of GOG and got it installed and running on Win10, and it runs beautifully and looks good too, just for the record.

But when I transferred the "data.solarus" file to the appropriate ROMs folder on my RetroPie and booted it up, I ran into a problem right on the title screen - it loads up just fine, but none of the menu options are there. The animations are still moving, so I know the game didn't freeze, but there's just no menu to navigate, so I can't start the game.
Your projects / Re: Ocean's Heart
November 23, 2021, 02:17:23 PM
Would it be possible to get this game running on the RetroPie port of Solaris?

I'm perfectly happy to make a Steam or GOG purchase as part of the process - I would just like to be able to have the game as part of my RPi games collection.
Thanks, guys. I appreciate your patience.

After some thought, I still like the idea of an "asset extractor" built into the editor - it seems like a helpful way of sidestepping around IP laws without having to notably sacrifice functionality, and without putting the Solarus team in a place where they have to put their own hides at risk for being the primary source of Zelda asset packs for the engine. I especially like the idea that  a proper "asset extractor" could open up the possibility for the ROM Hacking community to contribute asset location maps to the source code of Solarus - thus opening the engine up to the possibility of being used to make fan-games for lots of franchises besides just Zelda (while still keeping Solarus itself completely free-and-clear, legally-speaking).

I'm still early-days on in teaching myself CompSci and programming, but I think perhaps I might add that to my list of possible "passion projects" to pursue as a way of gaining skill. I don't want to be the guy who contributes an idea and expects everyone else to implement it, so I think I'll try to put it together myself, once I get that far along.

Anyway, sorry, I shouldn't ramble on so much. Thanks for not giving me the full "internet treatment" for my mistake. I'll try and get around to contributing something helpful as soon as I'm at that level.

(edit: grammar)
(after some more digging)


Okay, sorry, my bad. I didn't understand the situation properly - I was going by this quote in the PCGamer Article:
Quotedespite the fact that Solarus provides a free Zelda resource pack with assets from older Legend of Zelda games.

I thought it meant that the Zelda resources came pre-bundled inside the editor, but I realize now that I misunderstood it. My apologies!

(Dear Mods: feel free to delete this thread, as it was posted in error. My apologies for the trouble.)
Just throwing this out there: as a legal precaution, it might be better to go ahead and pre-emptively stop bundling the Zelda assets along with the editor, and instead replace them with an "asset extractor" feature - by which I mean I built-in program or option that allows the user to present the Quest Editor with a copy of a ROM (legally-acquired by self-dumping their own copy, of course) for ALttP, and have the editor automatically extract the assets from it as a one-time procedure.

Given that already has several tools available for modding ALttP, including a ROM editor, I'm sure that the location of the various assets inside the ALttP files MUST have been mapped by now.

It would also have the added benefit of allowing the Solarus community to continue forward with as much focus on Zelda fangames as they wish with very little concern about Nintendo's stance on the editor - the worst Nintendo would be able to do at that point would be to try and shut down individual creators' projects - an extremely expensive process for them since it would essentially amount to them paying their ridiculously-overpriced lawyers to spend endless extra hours playing Whack-A-Mole.

Even further, there's no reason that the Asset Extractor program couldn't be expanded at some future point - such as allowing it to extract assets from as many other game ROMs (on as many other systems) as the community would like to build extraction maps for.