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Just throwing this out there: as a legal precaution, it might be better to go ahead and pre-emptively stop bundling the Zelda assets along with the editor, and instead replace them with an "asset extractor" feature - by which I mean I built-in program or option that allows the user to present the Quest Editor with a copy of a ROM (legally-acquired by self-dumping their own copy, of course) for ALttP, and have the editor automatically extract the assets from it as a one-time procedure.

Given that already has several tools available for modding ALttP, including a ROM editor, I'm sure that the location of the various assets inside the ALttP files MUST have been mapped by now.

It would also have the added benefit of allowing the Solarus community to continue forward with as much focus on Zelda fangames as they wish with very little concern about Nintendo's stance on the editor - the worst Nintendo would be able to do at that point would be to try and shut down individual creators' projects - an extremely expensive process for them since it would essentially amount to them paying their ridiculously-overpriced lawyers to spend endless extra hours playing Whack-A-Mole.

Even further, there's no reason that the Asset Extractor program couldn't be expanded at some future point - such as allowing it to extract assets from as many other game ROMs (on as many other systems) as the community would like to build extraction maps for.