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Development / Re: Action RPG Planning
September 17, 2020, 02:20:42 AM
Hi Dianthus

My free pdf guides about the software futurepinball, i indicate how the software work and the programming. But it's not LUA it's more Visual Basic programming. But i do think its possible that maybe LUA and Visual Basic might have common points.

It's been long time ago i have created theses guides about futurepinball.

I also have created a guide about modeling with Milkshape3D, because into the software futurepinball; you can import your own Milkshape3D models into the pinball. Mete Ciragan from Milkshape3D also have authorized me to do printscreens of Milkshape3D

I also have created a guide about an other modeling software that is called BforArtists that is based on the popular 3D software blender. Blender is a software that have started with the founder and chairman Ton Roosendaal. Long time ago ive told him a joke that he have put on his twitter account. If you are curious to read this joke on his twitter account you simply write:
Ton Roosendaal and my full name. I dont know him, but i have writen him long time ago.

Ive also writen a free pdf guide long time ago about the software TemplateToaster with there permissions. Also a free pdf guide about the website, i have created a radio stream skin, that he have put on his website. The software MameWah wich is a software to create some interface menu to play games, i also have created a free pdf guide about it related to the software futurepinball. I always ask for permissions that i can do printscreens.

Development / Re: Action RPG Planning
September 16, 2020, 02:24:18 AM
Hi Richard

If i can suggest you, you could also enter to your mid class the software Futurepinball. I have created many free pdf guides on the subject. This include how the software Futurepinball work and the programming. I still have an email from the creator of Futurepinball that have givin me the rights to do printscreens of the software to create guides. This beside other softwares that i have created free pdf guides.

Why also enter to your mid class the software Futurepinball? Well its the "basic" game creation. One screen and a ball that hit objects, then do points and others. I can say its (POO) "Programming Oriented Object".

A RPG Game is very (much more) than a ball that hit 3D model objects and make points. RPG is so much more advanced. There is the player that move around that is controled by the keyboard/gamepad. The player do some actions. The player interact with some sprites (ennemies/friends). The player have some goals. The player have its own environment and its world limits. There is many things into.

For the software Solarus, there is many videos tutorial and online documentations. Here is a link of some documentations about Solarus made by a member here. But dont know if he is still a member of here, also the infos has been dated very long time ago. Its at:

I plan to create trough time pdf guides on Solarus also, but i must learn it much more.

If you are curious about the software Futurepinball, you can have it at:
Futurepinball is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 i can say. Mostly suggested to run as Administrator.
If you want to see my free english pdf guides about the software Futurepinball, you can have it at:
Its possible trough time i change my free personnal website, but i have created an auto-redirect page of Futurepinball at:

In my futurepinball free pdf guides, there is not only guides about the software Futurepinball.
There is a guide about the software Milkshape3D. A guide about the software Mamewah. A guide about the software BforArtists, that is a software based on the popular 3D software Blender.

There is many free pdf guides i have created on diverses softwares beside the one mentionned, with the permissions and authorizations to do printscreens. Once i begin to familiarize my self with Solarus, i'm gonna create nice free pdf guides about Solarus also. The peoples here are great peoples. I'm sure they could help you also.

Thank's for the suggestion, i will try it. One thing for sure 81 exterior "Light World" map is a lot of maps.

It gonna take me quite some time, but i wont quit about it. I always dreamed to create my own style zelda alttp game.

If you have checked my idea of the world map, going from a village to a dungeon entrance map; to again an other village to a dungeon entrance map. Following the logics writen on my old idea of the world map. Not having the world map, it can be quite very long to travel from one point to an other. The villages as VR = Village 1, Dungeon entrance 1 = B1; you can notice the difficulty to figure out where to go next. Even with the outside world map, the complexity to go from one map to an other. Its gonna be a great game.

But i wont take all the gratitudes, peoples that help me with it deserve more gratitudes beside me; because without peoples as you who help me, the game i'm creating bit by bit would not be good. Maybe i'll create into an other map that is writen on the ground, as shown on the video the words: "Solarus Games"; just to promote the solarus software and its peoples.

Once again a very big thanks to all.

Well the tileset id would mostly use is the one used in the game Zelda Solarus DX. It is named ( "1" , "1.tiles.png" ) that the description is (Light World).

Here is what it look the tileset i speak of:

As you see the houses, grounds, castle, etc. Is very mixed. So for "speeding" the map creations. It could be great if i would know if there is some tileset of this sort, but there are (premade) maps that have many things organized to "copy/paste".

What i'm talking about is pre-made maps of floors and walls; with pre-made houses and castles that use the tileset i speak about. As some grass level to deep water, that the walls goes in many directions. Like turning up from the left, turning up from the right, turning down from the left, turning down from the right.

Maps as: (deep water above first to sand below / sand above first to deep water below) in many directions. As (grass to mountain / mountain to grass). As (mountain to deep water / deep water to mountain). Houses, Castle "with directions". No door / With door. Etc.

Interior of houses with walls. Interior of dungeons. And the list goes on.

If some peoples made pre-made maps like with the tilesets as mentionned and tileset used that made the ALTTP. This would definitly increase the speeding of creating maps, because of pre-made maps.

I can imagine easy, how peoples would create much more faster there maps with pre-made maps that can be copy and paste.

Thank's for your time.

Ok 1024 by 1024

Thank's guys, i appreciate very much.

There is many maps of this size i must do of the outside world 81 to be exact, similar as my old map drawn into my zip file.

I wonder also what amount of layers is recommended for each maps. As example Link passing behind a big tree, or maybe for hidden treasures, events, caracters and other things that i might forget.

I also wonder if there is some peoples that made pieces of maps, as houses, trees, parts of mountain rising, parts of mountain going deep, parts of castle, parts of the outside wall for deep water. Interior walls, interior walls with crack, interior walls with doors. Brief if some peoples had done these many things and is downloadable into a alttp zip file.

Why? Simply for helping my self as others that use the alttp tiles (for speeding the map creations).

Once again thanks to all.

Thank's for the tip 416 by 240 of size. I have try this size, i think it could be some good size for house interior.
But i wonder for putting fiew houses and trees; like some ALTTP village. As example the village of the snes link to the past, for people remembering; the village where Link had some speeding shoes that catch the running sprite. I wonder what size is that map for Solarus.

I also wander what size is the map of the (exterior) of the church, the church that Link had bring Zelda from the castle of snes.

So like that i could compare these two maps size for solarus. Also with the infos of 416 by 240 that you have givin me, i could make some maps approximate of a multiple of 416 by 240; like the size of 832 by 480 as example. The tiles that would be used is from ALTTP.

Starting from the beginning for the exterior map, will take me many weeks thats for sure. I always hoped that one day there would be a free software as Solarus to create a world similar of what i have draw in the snes times. I'm sure it will be a great game, gonna take many months. Side scrooling from one map to an other i have understand, its quite easy. What will be for me more complicate is the events. As some On/Off switch, but also some events based on some conditions; this to make some little side quests also into.

Once again thank's for your time and help.

So .it is more a piano file of informations. Well for peoples reading this i only have found some software that can convert .it sound file to a .wav sound file, the software is called JetAudio. So with an other software you can convert it to a .ogg audio file for Solarus.

Thanks also for the infos about the pixel size, because i have notice that in Solarus it ask how much pixel size (taille) is the map width and height. Just wanting to know what peoples suggest as size, brief to make it compatible with many operating system; so size 16/9 should maybe be fine.

I have made long time ago my game zelda, but because my computer hard drive has crached ive lost what ive done. I have think i have the copy on an external hard drive, but checking i realized that i should start from the begining because of so. Here is a youtube video (souvenir) of what ive done in the past that ive lost: . I even have made a map that had the words "Solarus Games" into. There was 50 maps on 81 that was made a year ago, all lost because of the hard drive crash. The computer had fallen down and it made the internal readers of the hard drive unable to read.

The world outside plan that i had made on paper, was made when i have played the snes zelda a link to the past; yup many years ago and solarus games at that time did not exist at all.

Well i must start to create maps again, i'm sure that the game will get bigger trough time. I always liked zelda, even have made and programmed in the past a zelda pinball game:

Thank's for your reply guys, i appreciate very much.

First Question:
The question is if there is a software that can convert an audio file as Wav, Mp3 to the audio format .It "impulse tracker"?.

In my text i have also an other question, that's why i have put on my google drive what ive done so far.

Second Question:
It is related to when you see the animation of triangles i have done, you hear the "title music". This music sadly loop if you let it play. I think there is something maybe in the "title menu" lua file that could correct this. Maybe you could look the LUA file and copy past some new code here, that i could put into the "title menu" lua file or some other lua file.

Because i'm a beginner its quite hard for me, that's why i download some Solarus games and try to understand it. I also try the youtube tutorials, but there are not clear enough for me to understand.

I have little programming knowledges and not related to Lua. I have some experience in building some pinball games and programming it, with the software Futurepinball. A great game i have created and programmed is Faxanadu X Pinball: I have build free pdf guides of this software, and intend in time to create some solarus pdf guides also.

What i have understand so far is that the command in Lua called "Local" mean to create some (variable) and giving it a name. Into the programming Visual Basic the command name is "Dim" that also mean to create some variable.

If some of you have seen the outside world map idea, and following the zones of the world. You understand that it start on the map "E5" wich is the village 1. From it the caracter go to the dungeon 1 at the zone map "B2". After the caracter reach village 2 at zone "I1", from it goes to the dungeon 2 at the zone of "I9". And so on, so you understand that the caracter travel a lot in the outside world.

Third Question:
What yould be the size of the map (height and width) that peoples would recommend. Thinking there could be fiew houses and a castle on some (zone map). Other map would have some water or some mountain. Brief so like that side scrooling from zone map "A1" to map "A2"; or side scrooling from zone map "A1" to mab "B1" could correspond to each other.

Thank's for your time.

As a true beginner i try to create a quest and its not easy at all. Rpg Maker Web is more mouse click easy. Still i try to create and figure out how to do many things with Solarus.

What i have done so far is real not much. Its more because of the copied files. You must understand that trying to understand LUA "being a beginner" and not much programming knowledges make it real hard for me.

What i has done so far is it start showing the solarus logo, then it goes to the look alike zelda a link to the past title.

The thing i try to do and understand is that when it is at the title screen, it then ask as: press space bar (example). Also the "title music" play in loop wich should not (except when returning to the "intro title" from start). Brief it repeat once. If no spacebar has been touch then it go at an other menu. This menu tell some story showing some images and text similar as children of solarus.

When this story telling menu is shown, pressing on some button make it go back to the title intro asking again (space bar "example").

When the (space bar) is pressed, then it goes to an other menu as Children of Solarus having the possibility to have 3 saved games. This menu has the possibility to "erase" a saved game of the choice (to start new account). When a save place is choosen and there is no name. The user see a menu that he/she write a name, then choose the OK; this goes back to the save name selection menu.

When a name is selected, then the player goes on some map at some point. I have made no maps so far, but i have put on some paper for quite some time this idea of mine of 81 world side scrooling maps. (9 horizontal by 9 vertical). As the old Nes Zelda 1, the caracter passed from one map to an other.

Except this time passing from one map to an other will be more difficult, since the player will need some items find in some dungeons. Like a (rope) that make link walk onto to use as a bridge, that the (rope) goes back automaticly when being on an other map beside. The use of some (arrow) that shot some target, that make a bridge apear. The use of some (lamp) that could make apear some entrance or bridge apear. The use of some (swimming tool) to swim into deep water, passing from one map to an other.

So the items find into dungeons will not only serve in the dungeon, but also for the world. Passing from a village to a dungeon to the next village to the next dungeon. The quest will be quite very long. I even have drawn on computer the image of the idea of the 81 maps.

I have put a zipped file of near 73mb on my google drive of the "data" that is done so far. The folder "data" has a longer name. Just rename the folder "data". You can open it with the latest Solarus Quest Engine and try running it also to see (there is really nothing much done). I have also added a folder to the zip file so you could have some ideas of the world.

Even if i know that it dont have any virus into, i encourage that you antivirus check the file. Here is the link to the zip file of what ive done so far:

I just have put the white in the background at 95%. Brief i have updated the look of the guide.
Yes the guide is for my self but also for other beginners.

I think the next step is to create some empty maps that have the Zelda tiles

The idea is for beginners as my self, to create some maps from maps resources. As a copy and paste, for faster creations. That i could then create some zip file(s) that i could put some link into the guide.

Like some houses (with/without) the door. House with 1 or 2 doors and different roof. House with windows. Castle with open door or closed door. Castle that can be walked onto.

Also different parts of walls:
Mountains (high height/short height). Separating the corners, so that creators can "glue" the different corners together.
Mountains separations: (horizontal wall / vertical wall / 90degree and 45degree corners to glue the "horizontal/vertical" wall)
Wall separations as: (grass to water "deep or not deep"), again (horizontal separated wall / vertical separated wall / angles to glue the walls)
Walls as: (mountain to mountain / mountain to grass / grass to mountain / mountain to water / etc.)
Trees / Cemetary tombs / dungeons / inners / outsides / etc.

Brief create some maps zelda resrouces, so that peoples just have to copy and paste as my self. This to accelerate the map creating process.

Maybe some peoples have there own map design into some zip file. If so i would then like that by example the map would be as:
PeterB_01 , PeterB_02 , Max_01 , Max_02 , Diarandor_01 , Diarandor_02
So that i can know from who it come


I'm glad that peoples have told me that the color "white" that show in the background "solarus" make the text not too much visible.

I will then put the background "white" rise the percentage of white (to less show solarus behind). If the percentage of white should rise again, or if the white should be at 100% not showing solarus in the background; that i am wondering?

Thank's for your help.
Just letting you know that i have updated the guide. It is still under construction.


I am creating a new free pdf guide from scratch, this for Solarus version 1.6

Also i am a beginners with Solarus.

I have many starter questions that i'd like to know to learn. This to learn Solarus step by step by asking questions.

I understand that many peoples will not want to help me, telling me that to understand Solarus i must create some Solarus Games; also have some experience in creating some games.

Peoples will not want to waste there time for the questions i want to know, things i want to put into the free pdf guide i'm creating.

Here is a link that show the free Solarus v1.6 guide i'm creating from scratch:

It just have 11 pages so far. The idea is to create a question and answer guide, also a step by step guide for true beginners as for my self. The design and the colors i have made is very eye catching i can tell.


Here is guides example i have created about two softwares beside others. This if you are curious.

For the software Futurepinball (the first guide ive created about FP):

Templatetoaster free pdf guide (authorized and approved also):

The link is also on there website at:
You will notice the comment that it is approved by Templatetoaster as mentionned

So you can visualize my creations beside others.


The next question i want to write in the book of Solarus v1.6, on the next page is:

How to replace the hero default character sprite with the zelda alttp sprite (step by step).

Thank's for your time to read and to help.

Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Gles2 error message
April 21, 2019, 07:42:40 PM
I have found a solution.

I have gone to:

then i have clicked on the button icon "windows", downloaded the file.

After i have extracted the file, there is an "opengl32.dll" file into the folder.

I have simply copied the "opengl32.dll" file into the directory of Solarus v1.6, where there is the (shield), (gamepad) icon software.

Next i simply open the Solarus Developper v1.6 and "It Work".

I'm happy with it because i can run and test creations made with Solarus v1.6
Bugs & Feature requests / Gles2 error message
April 21, 2019, 07:04:32 PM
I have first done a search with the word "gles" to see if some other people would have the same problem as me. Since i have not found about the subject, i think that it could be of importance for peoples that might have the same problem as i.

Here i have and old laptop Win7 64bits. The error message it give me ive notice that it is written:
Couldn't load GLES2 function
GL 3.x is not supported

How can i make Solarus version 1.6 work then?

What would be the "steps" to make Solarus Work?

Does it exist some free full software that could make it work and how to install the software that could help?

Thank's for your time.