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As a true beginner i try to create a quest and its not easy at all. Rpg Maker Web is more mouse click easy. Still i try to create and figure out how to do many things with Solarus.

What i have done so far is real not much. Its more because of the copied files. You must understand that trying to understand LUA "being a beginner" and not much programming knowledges make it real hard for me.

What i has done so far is it start showing the solarus logo, then it goes to the look alike zelda a link to the past title.

The thing i try to do and understand is that when it is at the title screen, it then ask as: press space bar (example). Also the "title music" play in loop wich should not (except when returning to the "intro title" from start). Brief it repeat once. If no spacebar has been touch then it go at an other menu. This menu tell some story showing some images and text similar as children of solarus.

When this story telling menu is shown, pressing on some button make it go back to the title intro asking again (space bar "example").

When the (space bar) is pressed, then it goes to an other menu as Children of Solarus having the possibility to have 3 saved games. This menu has the possibility to "erase" a saved game of the choice (to start new account). When a save place is choosen and there is no name. The user see a menu that he/she write a name, then choose the OK; this goes back to the save name selection menu.

When a name is selected, then the player goes on some map at some point. I have made no maps so far, but i have put on some paper for quite some time this idea of mine of 81 world side scrooling maps. (9 horizontal by 9 vertical). As the old Nes Zelda 1, the caracter passed from one map to an other.

Except this time passing from one map to an other will be more difficult, since the player will need some items find in some dungeons. Like a (rope) that make link walk onto to use as a bridge, that the (rope) goes back automaticly when being on an other map beside. The use of some (arrow) that shot some target, that make a bridge apear. The use of some (lamp) that could make apear some entrance or bridge apear. The use of some (swimming tool) to swim into deep water, passing from one map to an other.

So the items find into dungeons will not only serve in the dungeon, but also for the world. Passing from a village to a dungeon to the next village to the next dungeon. The quest will be quite very long. I even have drawn on computer the image of the idea of the 81 maps.

I have put a zipped file of near 73mb on my google drive of the "data" that is done so far. The folder "data" has a longer name. Just rename the folder "data". You can open it with the latest Solarus Quest Engine and try running it also to see (there is really nothing much done). I have also added a folder to the zip file so you could have some ideas of the world.

Even if i know that it dont have any virus into, i encourage that you antivirus check the file. Here is the link to the zip file of what ive done so far:


I am creating a new free pdf guide from scratch, this for Solarus version 1.6

Also i am a beginners with Solarus.

I have many starter questions that i'd like to know to learn. This to learn Solarus step by step by asking questions.

I understand that many peoples will not want to help me, telling me that to understand Solarus i must create some Solarus Games; also have some experience in creating some games.

Peoples will not want to waste there time for the questions i want to know, things i want to put into the free pdf guide i'm creating.

Here is a link that show the free Solarus v1.6 guide i'm creating from scratch:

It just have 11 pages so far. The idea is to create a question and answer guide, also a step by step guide for true beginners as for my self. The design and the colors i have made is very eye catching i can tell.


Here is guides example i have created about two softwares beside others. This if you are curious.

For the software Futurepinball (the first guide ive created about FP):

Templatetoaster free pdf guide (authorized and approved also):

The link is also on there website at:
You will notice the comment that it is approved by Templatetoaster as mentionned

So you can visualize my creations beside others.


The next question i want to write in the book of Solarus v1.6, on the next page is:

How to replace the hero default character sprite with the zelda alttp sprite (step by step).

Thank's for your time to read and to help.

Bugs & Feature requests / Gles2 error message
April 21, 2019, 07:04:32 PM
I have first done a search with the word "gles" to see if some other people would have the same problem as me. Since i have not found about the subject, i think that it could be of importance for peoples that might have the same problem as i.

Here i have and old laptop Win7 64bits. The error message it give me ive notice that it is written:
Couldn't load GLES2 function
GL 3.x is not supported

How can i make Solarus version 1.6 work then?

What would be the "steps" to make Solarus Work?

Does it exist some free full software that could make it work and how to install the software that could help?

Thank's for your time.

Bugs & Feature requests / Solarus like Rpg Maker 2003
August 19, 2017, 02:18:49 PM
Hi there it's been a while since ive come here, but still interrested in Solarus.

It would be great for beginners as i, that when peoples create some map and place some tile "event" wich could be invisible or visible. Like when the player walk over. The user could (Right click mouse button) the tile event, that could put the option "edit event"; when choosen could see some menu as into "Rpg Maker 2003". What i mean by that is the different tabs that have many clickable button as (Teleport/Move/Weather/Shop/Items/Switch "On Off"/Message/Input/etc). This could create some LUA file automaticly by Solarus indicating the event is on some map at some coordinate and does some thing. It could be a tile/sprite that could be activated/desactivated by pressing the spacebar (in front/or over) or activated/desaticating by passing over it.

Making the Solarus software auto create some LUA file, by simply clicking on some button/options menus as in Rpg Maker 2003. Could make beginners read the LUA file and try to understand what they have done and do some experiments. I'm not talking about the way the player battle the ennemies, battling as in the Snes Zelda is just fine.

Here is some url links to the command event button i'm talking about:

Doing so could be some major Solarus changes and updates, making peoples crazy and hungry for the Solarus Software. Why because doing as so, make Solarus creator much more easy for beginners. After all the gaming industry have prooven that the more easy and simple the use of a game creation tool editor software; the wider the audience there is for Solarus and it's peoples. Just do a google search on game editors/creators, find there websites and you'll notice on there website; that there tools is more easy then ever and they put the accent to create in new versions much more easy and simple for beginners than before.

So Solarus auto-creating some events LUA files, by simply clicking on some "command events tabs buttons" that the players/creators could read and understand as in Rpg Maker 2003. Does not mean that the creator can not program the LUA files, it simply mean more simpler for beginners but still excellent for advanced creators/programmers

What could be possibly good also is that when you edit a tile properties. In Solarus i know you can say if it is passable or as some kind of wall. It would be nice that some tiles could have by clicking on it some indications if the player can/cannot pass under/over and i what directions "arrows" like the software Rpg Maker 2003 image:

I wonder what peoples think about these idea's??

I have a suggestion for the Solarus Quest Editor. It is to add two shortcut keys:

Shift + S

Shift + Z

Shift + S : make open the default internet browser with the web address of:

Shift + Z : make open the default internet browser with the web address of:

Development / Things id like to learn for the guide
September 18, 2016, 09:38:30 PM

I have created a map that have some chest that have the Glove item

Here is the code:
local item = ...
local game = item:get_game()

function item:on_obtaining()
  -- the possession state of the glove determines the built-in ability "lift"
  self:get_game():set_ability("lift", 2)

I have put on the map some "destructible entity" wich is the (white rock), i indicate that the weight of it is "2".

I am able to lift the white rocks with the glove, but i want on the same map to lift some darker rock that weight "3" with some glove in some other chest. I have tryed to find the "ancien video" of youtube checked the 55 of them; but seem nothing about the gloves?

The idea is to simply make some path on some map. The hero open the chest then can lift the white rocks, but not the darker ones. Trough the path open an other treasure that have some gloves that can lift the darker rocks.

Thank's for the help.

General discussion / Free Legal Softwares
December 29, 2015, 12:46:49 PM
I have think it could be great if peoples here could suggest free full none trial legal softwares, to help into the creation of Solarus Games.
Gimp is a software to create some images, it's similar to Adobe Photoshop. Since in all games it use some creations of images i think it could be some good suggestion.
Inkscape is a software to create some vectoriel images.
Lmms is a software to create some musics and some beats, as in games it also have some musics and sounds into it.

Hope that these links gonna help peoples of Solarus?

Just want to tell to the peoples merry christmas and a happy new year. A+
Hi i have build in Solarus some town. The player start from a home, the player can get out of his home, but can not get out of the first town if the player has not done some action. Like talk to a wise men, that after could give him an item wich would make possible to go outside of town. Or like the player would open some chess wich have some item, this would make possible to go outside of town. Like some thing would block to some teleport, that go to some other map; if some action would not have been done.

It is also important that when some item is taken as a sword, that the item sword can not be taken again; and that entering and beeing into this town. The player dont need to do again some action to get outside of town. I wonder how to do it and how to script it?

The other thing id like to do is that when the player in front of a mailbox, a caracter or other. That it show's some text with the action button. Also if some event have not have been done the caracter, mailbox or other; this can create new events. Like a player can look at the mailbox and say it have nothing, do some event after go to the same mailbox read some new text or even have some item (potion/rubys/etc). Same thing as do some event and talk to some caracter that say others or/and give item.

I'll have more questions trough time, as i am a beginner. I try to understand and do the youtube tutorial videos and read the documentation; but find it hard as a none-programmer.

Thank's for your time and help. A+
Id like to create some book(s) for beginners to help solarus software users. Some kind of step by step pdf guide. I have build in time some pdf guides about a software, so i can say i have some little experience about it. Solarus quest engine even if at it starting stage i think it is some great software. But as a beginner my self i find it hard to understand. I wonder if the creator of this software and maybe others could help me about this personnal project.

Maybe the creator of this software could send me a pm, so i could give him the direct link to one of my free pdf guides. So like that he will have a better view of what kind of guide id like to create. The advantage of some pdf guide with step by step images and text, is that the user dont need to be online to read the pages; and try to understand the software that i believe have good things about it.

Thank's for your time. A+