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Your projects / Solarus - Rogue Like Features
« on: July 02, 2014, 02:01:32 PM »

I've always been interested in random /  / procedurally map generation.  A major feature in rogue likes (see NetHack).
And since I've always loved Link to the Past, I'd thought I'd try to merge the new genres together.
Yeah, not easy.

Lacking any real direction, I just jumped in and started hacking on stuff.

My first change is supporting strings as tile ids.
Its backwards compatible so integers (in existing quests and output from quest editor) will still work.

Git Repo:
Please remember to use the red-solarus branch!

Note that I haven't used C++ in a very long time and only the second time I've used Lua so I may have made some mistakes.

My next task is to actually play ZSDX to get a better feel for the engine (no really).
Then to build another sample quest with multiple maps, still static.
And so on.


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