Zelda Solarus XD?

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So I was just skimming through the Solarus website and found a game called Solarus XD (not DX). Was that always there? I don't remember seeing it when I downloaded Solarus DX. It says that it's a funny Zelda. Looks interesting, might try it if I can find the time.

Yeah, it's a Zelda game made with the Zelda Solarus DX engine. It was launched on april the first and allowed people to try the engine, find some bugs in it, and be a little more patient before the release of Zelda Solarus DX :)
It only contains two dungeons, but those are really big and hard to finish. The game has a lot of crazy/stupid/fun features :P

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april the first
April the first of 2011, so it has been there for quite some time.
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I found this game very funny. You should try that, but I don't know if there is an english version.

There is an English version !

You can download it here : http://zelda-solarus.com/jeu-zsxd-download&lang=en :)
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Yeah, the crazy fun things are nice, but that also makes it hard to tell what's real and what's a joke. For example, I found a cave in the overworld that had some blue/orange switches and a conveyor floor. It took me to a chest, but I couldn't open it. There was another cave that had a huge gap and 30 Heart Pieces on the other side. It's hard to tell what's a joke and what's real that I need to figure out.