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Started by ffomega, December 07, 2016, 01:02:11 AM

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Ok so here are the questions/remarks with pictures :) You can forget my previous message above.

- The default layer of floors like floor.1-2 (all darker variants of floors) should be -1 and not 0.
More exactly, in this picture, the 4 columns with red arrows should have a default layer of 0 and the other 4 columns should have a default layer of -1.

- The default layer of door.1.low_support.1-2 should be -1:

- I am trying to understand what door caches to use with each style of wall.
It is quite obvious for all walls that are on layer 0, like the first one of this picture:

But we also need some for doors that we put on layer -1. I did not find any pattern called door_cache_low.1-*, and I think they should exist.
For example, the second case of this picture is the usual style of wall on the low layer. There are no door caches for it, but only bridge tiles that I don't think can be used as door tiles.
And for the third case I found nothing at all.

- What are these supposed to be? They don't exist as tile patterns in the tileset, they are only in the PNG file. If they are useful to something, why don't they exist for other styles of walls?

- Missing transparency in the torch_big.bottom pattern (at least in tileset #7).

3 pixels on each side are white instead of transparent.

- When I tried to cover a house wall with a door cache, I noticed that one of the two 8x8 squares of the cache is wrong (door_cache.2-1):

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Okay I'm on it Chris :)

The default layers are easy to fix for the patterns.  I removed the stray white pixels from the floor lamps.  As for the stray wall patterns, forgive me for that.  I had originally intended to do something with them, but when I finished the patterns of the tileset they became similar to how you find extra screws when you take something apart and put it back together again.  These have been removed to avoid confusion :)

I added lower door caches to the tileset.  They are located to the left of the door tops for layer 0.  Originally I did plan on having you use the bridge tiles for the lower layer door cache, but I agree it might be confusing for some who might want that pattern.  I apologize for this.

I fixed pattern type 1 of the door cache so it looks right now.

The locks for the entities sheets have been fixed, the data files are all updated, and the entities' data files have all been organized into folders now.

Small Update: I put the link to the package in the first post of this thread for easy access to everyone.
My tilesets page can be found here:

Thanks a lot ffomega!
There is no need to apologize, it is perfectly normal to have some bugs in such a complex project. On the contrary, thanks for the quick fixes :)
Maybe you should also put the link to the package on your website, because I did not find it there.

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- There is another issue now with door caches (at least house ones):

The door cache is wrongly flipped horizontally.

- table.5 should be a repeatable pattern.

- wall_pillar.4-9 is one pixel off.

- The bed from ALTTP houses is missing.

- It would be very useful to provide 8x8 tiles of a lot of colors just like you did in the outside tileset, including semi-transparent ones. This is really a great idea of the outside tileset, and inside tilesets want it too :P

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By the way, the dungeon package contains a lot of outside sprites too, so why don't you make a single package with all your tilesets and sprites (inside + outside)?
PS: then we will use the whole thing in the Zelda resource pack if that's okay to you!

So you want me to combine all my tilesets into one gigantic tileset? While I've never given that much thought, I am unsure I, personally, can due to the fact that it takes between 3-6 full seconds to load maps using Full Hyrule (the dimensions of the image make the maps harder to load, it causes a 1 second lag whenever the Hero uses his sword for the first time, and a half-to-full second lag for the first time he interacts with a destructible object or grass (lifting, cutting, traversing.  Running Solarus on Windows XP might be an outdated idea, but at the same time I feel that if you can make it run fast on a low performance machine then it will run exceptional on a newer one.

As far as adding the 8 x 8 "pallete, that's no problem either.  I had actually considered doing this before with the tileset's initial palette.  But I see no reason why I can't place one in each tileset.  The bigger question remains then if you want me to create an indoor palette using all the colors from all rooms in Link to the Past, or if you want a larger one, containing both the palettes from the room map, as well as the two overworld maps?  Also I will place the ADT package link on the site.  I actually had forgotten to do so si9nce it';s been awhile since my last page update.
My tilesets page can be found here:

No no, I don't mean to combine all tilesets into a gigantic one, but just to include the Hyrule outside tileset in your zip package. Mainly because the zip package already contains some outside sprites.

Regarding performance issues, all maps should start almost instantly, even with large tilesets, and even on Windows XP. If they don't, please report bugs on https://github.com/solarus-games/solarus/issues/new and I will fix them.

And about what colors to put in the 8x8 palette of the tileset, I think it should be the palette with colors from rooms, and it should not include colors from overworld maps.

January 20, 2017, 07:08:56 PM #37 Last Edit: January 20, 2017, 10:49:05 PM by ffomega
A report has been submitted.  While I was hoping to include a limit on Solarus' performance at runtime versus the dimensions of a tileset's image, I attempted to do so using my tileset by reducing the dimensions of the image (without altering the data file), and Solarus crashed at runtime.  Know that the dimensions of the Full Hyrule tileset are 1584 x 4096 as of the posting of this message, and the filesize (while I'm certain may not matter) is 1.6 MB (substantially smaller than the 3.5 MB it was when the tileset was first created back a year ago).

As for the dungeon package, I will get to work on correcting the rotation of the door cache tiles, and will begin compiling a palette for the tilesets.  This will take some time, but I'm certain it won't be an issue nonetheless.

(Update on the palettes) I was planning originally to make a palette for the entire underground/room map (all dungeons in one map from LttP), but when I checked the color count, it was well over 500.  Therefore the only solution I will be able to work out is creating a palette from each of the tilesets individually.  I use a conversion method that reduces an image to 256 colors, which I got lucky with the Hyrule and Dark World maps since each color palette for the world maps was within 256 colors.

As for combining all my tilesets into one package, while I misread the message, I have no problems adding the Full Hyrule tileset as well as the minimap tileset to the package, since the Full Hyrule entities are indeed included as well.
My tilesets page can be found here: