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Started by Shade Aurion, December 25, 2017, 08:54:27 AM

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What? The sleeping Zelda in Zelda II is a different Zelda from the one in the first game? This is news to me...

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Quote from: llamazing on April 10, 2019, 01:30:18 AM
What? The sleeping Zelda in Zelda II is a different Zelda from the one in the first game? This is news to me...

Yeah in game it's not specifically stated that it's a different Zelda but it is in the manual. Originally Sleeping Zelda was supposed to be the first ever Zelda in the series but that was retconned pretty easily once ALttP was made and as we know now the very original was Skyward Sword Zelda.  Here's a brief little summary of The Tragedy of Princess Zelda I based on what Hyrule Historia gave us.

According to a legend passed down within Impa's bloodline, well before the events of The Legend of Zelda, Hyrule was a prosperous land ruled by a king who had a daughter, Princess Zelda, and an elder son, the prince. After the king passed away, the prince sought the pieces of Triforce that he did not inherit, but was unable to find them. A magician close to the king informed the prince that the king had told his sister something about the Triforce. The prince questioned her, but she did not say anything, even after being threatened by an eternal sleep by the magician. In his anger, the magician used a spell to put the princess into an eternal sleep, and died when the spell was completed.

Overcome with grief, the prince sealed his sleeping sister in the North Castle and ordered that all female descendants of the Hylian monarchy are to be named Zelda. While the princesses before this incident were named Zelda in honor of the original Zelda from Skyward Sword, this marked the beginning of Zelda being named so by law, rather than tradition.

To break the curse a hero must possess the complete Triforce, but obtaining the Triforce of Courage would prove difficult as the king of ages ago had hidden it within the Great Palace. Only one who proved themselves worthy would obtain it. In the end, Link obtained the Triforce of Courage and awoke the sleeping princess from her slumber.

Keep in mind this is indicated to happen at least century or more before Zelda 1 takes place which shows how the slowly Hyrule truly declined up until Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 AoL.

According to the official artwork as well, the new king (Sleeping Zelda's elder brother) was even threatening villagers with a whip kids and women alike.  One of the reasons Zelda 2 is considered dark is due to this twisted backstory that lead up to it.

Was doing some research awhile back, and it turns out that all of Zelda 1 takes place in the Death Mountain area of ALttP. Although Hyrule Encyclopedia is unreliable and considered non canon, it does make a lot of sense actually since Hyrule is no where to be seen in either Zelda 1 or Zelda 2

I had not seen this before. Given how Zelda 1's map is also supposed to be at the bottom of Zelda 2's map, I'm not sure how this all works together...


Quote from: wrightmat on July 03, 2019, 08:25:54 PM
I had not seen this before. Given how Zelda 1's map is also supposed to be at the bottom of Zelda 2's map, I'm not sure how this all works together...


It just looks off due to how zoomed out Zelda 2's map is. Realistically Zelda 2's overworld is extremely huge. Possibly on par with Breath of the Wild.

Hi there,
This is obviously my first post. I've lurked around Solarus on and off for a couple of years to see how the various projects are going and finally feel like I am ready to start working on something myself. You could probably say my more recent visits to the Solarus community have been fueled by Nintendo's recent remake of the Link's Awakening on the Switch; which has really made me want to see modernized interpretation of both several of their older Zelda games such as Oracle of Ages and Seasons, but even more so the Original Legend of Zelda and it's sequel The Adventure of Link.

--That brings me to the concept that I've had my head for several years. What I have always wanted to see was an expanded and combined remake of The Original Zelda with it's sequel The Adventure of Link into one large game with modernized graphics (Minish Cap, ALttP, a combination of the two). So I was pleasantly surprised to see this thread and even more pleasantly surprised when I saw everyone pointing out how the map for Z1 is contained in AoL's map --exactly what I wanted to do--

I've just recently started watching the tutorial videos for Solarus on YouTube and importing some of the projects other people have been working on into the Solarus Editor to get an idea of how everything works before trying to recreate the Z1 map in Solaurus (and then building AoL off of it in scale).

My day job is as a Microsoft SharePoint Administrator and VBA Programmer for a law firm. I spend a majority of my time at work automating tasks in MS Excel/Access Visual Basic for Applications and programming Workflows in SharePoint so I am very familiar with the concepts of an object oriented programming language. I've never worked with Lua before but I am hopeful that my experience with VBA and my knowledge in AHK (AutoHotKey) scripting will be helpful in learning Lua for Solarus. I was actually hoping that someone had already crafted the Z1 overworld in Solarus (and swear I thought I saw it recreated with ALttP tilesets somewhere before), but I wasn't able to find any Git's, links, or downloads, anywhere on the forum for that. I though perhaps if someone had already recreated Z1 if I started off with those existing assets if could be a great jumping off point and build off of that. But, with that being said, it probably would be a better learning experience in Solarus to remake Z1's overworld myself from scratch then it would be to use someone elses prebuilt map.

Anyway, sorry @ShadeAurion I was not trying to highjack your AoL thread, but the discussion started to go in the exact direction I would like to take my project and I thought it was relevant. And hey, who knows, maybe you would like some contribution to your project if decide your want to take it in the direction that the others are suggesting combining the two maps.

Welcome to the Solarus community, Shane! Indeed, this was not really the right post to do a presentation of yourself. Anyways, have fun with Solarus!  ;)