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Hello ! :D

I really like Four Swords Adventures sprites. They are very pretty, and really fits with A Link to the Past style. It's quite normal : this 2D game, developped on Gamecube, uses ALttP-like graphics, as an artistic choice.  ;)

That's why I thought it would be a good idea to rip enemies sprite, and decided to do it. :P Today, I almost finished ! Look what we can do :

Precision : Link is the one from ALttP, and all the rest is from FSA. You see, it perfectly fits ! :O (Except maybe a few enemies, but the majority are completely transposable for a fangame)

*Well ... when I said I'me almost done with the ripping ... Not completely : I've still not ripped soldiers, nor Stalfos/Hinox, because they use complexe sprites and are a pain to build !!!  >:(

Here is Four Swords Adventures page on The Spriters Ressources. You can find all my rips in the submissions named "Land enemies", "desert enemies" & "dungeon enemies". You can also find Octorok/Eyegore, which have been ripped by other persons on this page. :D