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Development / Game freeze upon map change
July 04, 2015, 01:32:24 PM
I've got a problem with Solarus. When i change maps in a game made with Solarus, then the game freezes for like 2-3 seconds and continues. Or in worst cases it freezes completely and crashes so i have to restart the application. The application also freezes or crashes when i hit the Window close button to close the application.

How to solve this?
That would be helpful, yes.
Awesome! I looking forward to it.
CTRL is fine too  ;)
I only gave my opinion on ALT because that's the key I am familiar with. Yes, i am a designer. Webdesigner actually. So i use Adobe software a lot.
Added a third idea to the topicstart.

I noticed a really small error in the dirt soil texture used in the LttP tileset made for Solarus.

I've made a picture to show this clearly.

I made the correct ones myself actually. I believe the correct way of using them is to use the small one (8x8px) on the edge and use the big one (16x16px) to fill the empty spaces left.
I guess it's just what you're used to use in this case then. Just the fact that you'd like to add this feature to the editor is already fine, Christopho. Solarus works really great. :)
Quote from: Christopho on June 30, 2015, 08:55:34 AM
1) Good idea! We will do it in 1.5. But I think that the Ctrl key is more standard than Alt to duplicate the section.
I want to answer to this one again. I think ALT key should be used. Dragging to duplicate stuff can be seen as an alternate way of dragging. The ALT key is designed to have alternate key combination for something that is already there. CTRL should be used for main functions and not alternate functions. Ofcourse if this doesn't interfere with other key bindings of the Quest editor.

Dragging: move a selection to different position
ALT + dragging: duplicate a selection to different position
Directly in the tileset is perfect. Good thinking!

And that "Lock" option in the richtclick-menu can still be there to have a tile (or perhaps a selection of tiles) to be absolute locked on their position. For example a door in a dungeon: When you resize a room, you might not want to move the door because of the connected room.
What about right-click on the tile and choose "Lock" in the menu.

The second idea can be the other way around as well bij choosing the tiles you want to resize instead.
Hi dev team of Solarus,

I got a couple of suggestion, which would highly improve the editor, i think.

The first one is a simple one.

1: Easy duplicating selections.
As far i understand the only way to duplicate items is to copy and paste them. This is convenient, but it can be a lot more convenient.
I use Photoshop a lot and in Photoshop you can duplicate stuff by simply pressing ALT (or OPTION on Mac) and then drag&drop it. It's very handy. This is something i would like to see in the map editor as well.

2: Smart resizing
This one is bit harder maybe, but can be very handy as well. What i mean with this one is that you can select a couple of tiles, then lock the tiles that you don't want to have resized, but you do have them placed at the beginning/end of the row of tiles. Like with the the big trees from the LttP tileset for example. One tree has 8 tiles to make it complete. 4 tiles in the middle, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. When you try to resize the whole thing, it start kinda look weird. With this idea you lock the 2 tiles on the left and the 2 on the right (these are the tiles that you don't want to have resized) and then start resizing it will only resize the middle tiles in this case.
See example:




3. Movement permission viewer
In the tileset properties you can set up what the groundtype is of each tile. Is it traversable, is het a wall or is it a hole, etc... It would be very helpful if there a viewer, an overlay that can be turned on and off like the grid, where you can see what traversable is and what not. Easily check if you've set up your map correctly.


With movement permission viewer on i can easily see what are walls and holes in this example.

What do you think?
Cool. Do you know how that APK file is created?
I'm kinda new to Solarus, but it looks promising already after watching a few tutorials. I'm really excited on starting to create my own Zelda-like adventure.

But i've got a question/feature request:
Would it be possible to distribute a game to mobile platforms like Android, iOS or Windows Phone? Solarus runs already on many platforms, so i figured out it wouldn't be impossible to do so. What do you think?

I would love to get my created adventure on my mobile phone/tablet. Ofcourse that would require a few things. Like a new viewport dimension (mobile resolution), touchscreen support, create install package (APK-file for android for example), etc..

Can this be done? Or could this be a future feature?