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I have a Windows 10 laptop running Solarus Version 1.6.5 that I just downloaded today. I used to play with the program using a keyboard on a Windows 8 machine, but after upgrading, decided to try out my old game controller.

When I run calibration for the controller in Win 10, everything looks OK, but when I start Solarus, the character only goes diagonally up-left or down,right when I press and hold a direction button until it hits a wall, then moves in a single direction until it hits another wall, and stops moving when it hits a corner.

The character stops as expected when the movement button is released, and resumes when the button is pressed again.

Pressing KEY(S) cause the character to go DIRECTION
               Up                                                Nowhere
               Up-Right                                       Down-Right                               
               Right                                             Down-Right
               Down-Right                                  Down-Right
               Down                                            Nowhere
               Down-Left                                    Up-Left
               Left                                              Up-Left
               Up-Left                                         Up-Left

I am not sure where in the code to look for the cause of this issue.  If someone could point me in the right direction, I could try to figure out how to correct the character moves for my gamepad.


I missed qttools5-dev-tools.  I must have overlooked an error message when installing  packages.  I was also looking at the tutorials, but they al sem to be in French.  Is there a link to an English language tutorial? I had been at work all day then spent about 5 hours troubleshoting the install before I began looking for tutorials.
The compiler is now progressing nicely. --- Compiler completed, tested solarus-quest-editor, it is working nicely... Now to find a tutorial...

Thank you,
I downloaded solarus source code, resolved dependancies, and compiled it.  Then I ran the sample quest that is packaged with the source.

I want to create my own quest, so I downloaded the source for solarus quest editor from github.  After resolving dependancies I started the complle with make.  The message "Generating solarus_editor_fr.qm" is the lastline displayed on the screen. The terminal window is not frozen, but the compile has been at this point for over 5 hours.

Is there any way to see more detail of what make is actually doing at this point?