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unless you want to modify the source code or something... but it works fine for me!
General discussion / Re: Question
August 09, 2013, 11:47:23 PM
I don't really know where you heard this, but in my bit of experience in game programming, I've learned that you can't really make a game without knowing anything about programming. I bet the next versions will be more user-friendly and documented, but I can almost guarantee you that you will still need Lua for the more "complicated" events. Lua isn't really that hard to learn, even if you don't have any programming experience. And if you feel confused, I'd suggest going to the "Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX" github website to look at the source code, and open up the scripts to see how they work. I was pretty confused a few days ago, but I'm starting to get the hang of it now  ;)
why not just use the java applet?
You're right  :-[
Thanks for making it clearer, though!
You make a good point  ;D but aren't there instructions for that already?
although a video tut would be nice too
Whoops, sorry, I forgot that that's what the dev board is for! Sorry, my bad :S
The main forum page looks like it could use a little more pages there, doesn't it? (feel free to add to this)
In the "game art" thread I read in the description that it said "art or sound", you should rename it to "Game art and music" or something of that sort, I thought for a while that there was no music thread! xD
Another thread/topic that I believe should be added is some sort of "script repository" where Solarus programmers can share/request some scripts for Solarus. The admins should get us started by posting 1 or 2 scripts there  ;)
Feel free to add anything else.
Game art & music / Some free art to get you started!
August 07, 2013, 09:32:31 PM
Since I noticed that the forum is pretty new and empty, I decided that I should at least help those who are in need of some art for their games :D.

Now, I did not make any of these, but when I am making dungeon-type rpgs, I find this website to be quite helpful!

Go to the "tile library" tab for all the pixel art. It is all under the "Creative Commons License" so you should be able to use that art as long as you give credit to the author.

Another website that might help is this one.
I know it's not much, but it's something :P
And not all games made with Solarus should be Zelda clones either!

Some examples:

I have never "dived" deep into the world of programming, although I have some basic knowledge of C++. I recently watched one of the video tutorials, and in the description, it had a link to a tutorial for Lua. So, I wonder, how much / what parts of Lua should you learn before using Solarus? I know this is a weird question, considering you can't really tell someone how much programming they should know, but how long should I "study" Lua before taking a shot at making a game at Solarus?
Bugs & Feature requests / Re: Video Tutorials
August 06, 2013, 09:41:11 AM
Quote from: Christopho on August 05, 2013, 05:00:56 PM
Actually I started a video tutorial series just a few days ago, but it is in French :P

If someone who understands French and speaks English better than me, a nice thing would be to make an English version of each video :)
Either by reproducing the same steps, or by using the same video track but with your voice instead of mine. (I can make the video without voice but with the music available for download.)

Or, you could just add captions to your video. I wouldn't mind watching it in french if I can read what you are saying :)