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General discussion / Re: Solarus on a RPi ?
June 02, 2016, 11:01:37 AM
Hi there.

I compiled Solarus yesterday on my raspberry Pi.
I'm running retropie on it (for obvious reason) and wanted to give a try to your awsome work.

Looks great at the moment. I see a little stutter on the Logo screen where the clouds are scrolling. Played a bit with the game, looks fantastic...
Three technical question though.

  • I have a mouse icon that appears in the top left corner? any idea why and how I can get rid of it (as far as I understood Solarus does not need a mouse)
  • Solarus is not centered on the screen but put in the bottom left corner. Any config file I need to fiddle with?
  • Gamepad direction works, but not the button. How do I set up the gamepad button? did not found anything on the forum about it... Or do I need to use joy2key? I don't mind, I just would have prefered a native solution :)

Thanks for the great work! :)