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General discussion / Re: Question Relating to Origins
January 26, 2024, 08:56:39 AM
Hello, as I know, the origin_x and origin_y values in the DAT file represent the coordinates of the origin point or pivot point of a sprite.

The origin point is the reference point around which the sprite is positioned and rotated. It is used to determine the position of the sprite in the game world and how it interacts with other game elements. uno online

Regarding the specific example of the chest sprite you mentioned, where the chest is 16 pixels by 16 pixels and has an origin_x of 8 and origin_y of 13, it's important to note that the origin point is not necessarily located at the center of the sprite.

The origin_x value of 8 means that the x-coordinate of the origin point is positioned at 8 pixels from the left edge of the sprite. This value of 8 corresponds to half the width of the sprite (16 pixels / 2 = 8 pixels), which aligns the origin point with the center of the sprite horizontally.

The origin_y value of 13 means that the y-coordinate of the origin point is positioned at 13 pixels from the top edge of the sprite. The specific value of 13 for the chest sprite is determined based on the visual design and alignment of the sprite graphics. It may be offset to accurately represent the positioning of the chest's lid or other visual details.