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...which has various tilesets, a character generator, popular plugins (like the Yanfly system for RPG Maker), and the like.  It's one of the bigger hurdles of me getting started with Solarus, how to create the assets.  Scripting and using the editor would be easy for me to do with little fuss.

Thanks in advance and please pardon this noobie question.
Your projects / Story Idea: Zelda cross Time Crisis
June 13, 2019, 03:48:37 AM
I had this idea running through my head for some time, and I wonder if it's doable with Solarus:  It's a game that works like Zelda but it has a rail-shooter like mechanic:  The game is run with a mouse and a keyboard:  The character is moved with the directional keys (wasd), but instead of attacking with a button, the player character shoots with the mouse.  There is a targeting reticle that is controlled by the mouse and you shoot by clicking.  There is a limited amount of bullets, which means you have to duck into a safe spot to reload.

Of course, the bad guys can also shoot, although their bullets are slower and dodgeable.  They'll be able to duck behind walls (where the clicking can't shoot them) and zip about.

Right now I just got this short short game idea, and I'm looking around for a way to have that possible without having to code everything from scratch.