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Bugs & Feature requests / strange bug.
July 27, 2014, 08:26:27 PM
Device: GCW Zero
Software: Soarus 1.1.0
Game: ZSDX 1.7.0

I think i found one MAJOR bug.  I def don't think it's normal. lol  I happened to fall in the hole and it took me to a completely different place.  First I think i was in East Palace.  When i walked out of the room, it took me to Swamp Palace... walked out again, it took me to Desert Palace.. then Hyrule Castle.   I kept walking and walking to many strange places and I couldn't get out!!!!   :o  I think it's really funny!!! haha

Here's the bug i found. 

This is the cave I went in....

Then I fell there

Make sure you save beore you fall.  GOOD LUCK!   ;D