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The walkthrough says that the fourth magic bottle is found in the hole to the west of the village, which lies between two cavern entrances, and is near the telepathic cabin. However, no bottle is to be found there... and the text for the fourth bottle's location is the exact same as the text for the fourth piece of heart's location.

The correct location seems to be in the Mountains of Terror, as the title in the magic bottle entry alludes to. It can be seen on the map on page 62.
Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX / So Good!
May 02, 2017, 08:12:26 PM
The game is so good :) Definitely one of the best open-source games I've played. The level of polish is pretty high.

I never got much into the 3D Zelda games, since the change in perspective made them not as enjoyable to me as A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening and etc. were. I had beaten all 2D Zelda games, and it is nice to have a new one to play :)

I look forward to playing Children of Solarus someday as well! Having an entirely open-source Zelda-like game would be pretty cool. Although the Zelda world is interesting, I don't personally feel a particularly strong connection to it; it's more the Zelda-like gameplay that I enjoy.

If you are in need of sprites for Children of Solarus, let me know! I develop an open-source 2D game that utilizes a similar perspective, and I have been commissioning graphics from professional pixel artists for quite some time now, so that the game has a sizable collection of assets (all under open-source licenses, of course). Those could be useful to you. Even if you don't use them as they are, you could modify them for your purposes.
Game art & music / Custom Sprites in ALttP Style
April 28, 2017, 04:47:54 PM
The purpose of this topic is to post custom spritesheets in ALttP style, should it be useful for others. Note that I am not the author of any of the spritesheets posted here - credit the original author and not me if you use them.

Link (with blond hair and other changes) (by Xander, son of Xereus):

Link (dance moves) (by DJvenom):

Link (Ocarina of Time design) and Epona (by DarkLink):

Deku Link (by amh1010):

Rauru (by Oldskoolmario):

Sheik (by Oldskoolmario):

Skull Kid (by Pepeztyle):