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Zelda Return of the Hylian SE / Bug - Cannot get last Heart Piece
« on: January 25, 2016, 07:33:44 AM »
Hey, so I'm stuck at the end of the game and can't 100%. The reason being that I cannot collect the final heart piece from the beastiary person. You're one off - you need to kill all but one type of enemy. If you kill ALL the enemy types, you won't get the heart piece. Kinda lame... I'd like to record getting that final heart piece. I THINK that's the heart piece I'm missing anyway.

Attached is my save file - I don't suspect I'm missing any heart pieces, yet I am missing one.

Your projects / Let's Play Zelda: ROTH Solarus Edition Blind! (COMPLETE)
« on: December 03, 2015, 11:47:19 AM »
Hey guys, so I'm an LP'er with a small, but dedicated fanbase and I decided to give the recent Zelda ROTH remake a try.

You can watch my LP here!

Zelda: Return of the Hylian (Solarus Edition)

Be sure to subscribe if you like it.

Not because I need subscriptions or anything, but I'm just not amazing at keeping threads updated.

I welcome any feedback!

I'm a relatively popular-ish Let's Player and I'd like to, if I can, show off the Solarus Engine and the ROTH remake. I'll also link back here to hopefully bring you some more people interested in developing with it. It seems really robust.

However, I cannot use my joystick (an XBox One controller) with it. Even with joy2key the dpad doesn't get recognised. This ruins my ability to Let's Play it.

I really want to do this game, but I need a fix before I can.

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