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Development / Solarus Engine Roadmap?
February 18, 2018, 01:43:39 PM

I was wondering what the actual vision and roadmap for Solarus is for the mid- to far future?
I saw the "Situation Review" blog post from mid-2017 [1], but this is more like a snapshot and does not really answer where the engine project is going.

To put my question into perspective, I have a few ideas of my own. Disclaimer: However, please let me start with underlining how amazing Solarus already is and how much joy I had in particular with Mystery of Solarus DX. Further I am fully aware that any of the points below probably mean month or years of work. Therefore please just treat it as general suggestion / idea source.
I would love to see many more games like MoS DX, even would love to create my own zelda-like ARPG, but time-requirement to create such games even with the amazing Quest Editor seems astronomical. I just can't spend 1000h+. And I assume many other can't as well. Therefore I suggest to add an "additional layer" on top of the Solarus Quest Editor to hide away more of the (needed!) complexity underneath to simplify game creation and focus more on story and puzzle creation - at the cost of flexibility.
What I have in mind is a "standardized" Solarus zelda-like game set where for example >20 weapons/items are pre-defined, >50 enemy types are pre-defined, mutiple tile sets with preconfigures tile-functionality and pre-configured entities (e.g. NPC house) etc. Yes, this already there but mixed with all the customization possibilities and level of detail the Quest Editor has. Yes, of course I will eventually need to touch some lua code to create my custom events. Yes, of course I will eventually need to manually change some wall tiles to passable to create a secret entry, etc. But unless I'm at that level of polishing I would love to see that hidden away behind GUI elements and drag&drop to further ease creating games. Somewhat (a very bit) like RPG maker but with the full power of the Solarus Quest Editor underneath if needed.
In short: I would love to have a "Simple Mode" available in the Quest Editor so I can just drag and drop standard enemies and maybe even standard rooms and puzzles together. Of course one size does not fit all, but I imagine it would be a great way to reduce entry level skill needed and maybe get more people into creating games - and who knows, maybe the best puzzle designers and story tellers are not the best coders and therefore hiding the coding more would maybe increase not only quantity but also quality? To run the thought even longer, at some point this website could even host dozens or hundred of Solarus games, maybe community rated and such... (now I get carried away).


Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX / Bone Key usage
June 04, 2015, 12:44:27 AM

through google I found the use of the bone key (nice!). Won't say it here to not spoiler anyone. But how comes this is completely unmentioned in the game? I would have never found the access in that dungeon?! Same for the heart piece there...

Whats the thinking behind this?

Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX / Excellent game!
May 29, 2015, 07:00:59 PM
Dear Christopho,

I would like to thank you for this great game! I'm currently starting Dungeon 6 and it truly feels like the good old SNES times ;) I am really grateful and consider donating a bit once I've completed it. I am very much amazed by the overall quality - not only by the game but also e.g. by the walkthrough PDF which you created with so much love. This is absolutely fantastic! I would go into more detail what I like and the very few points I don't, but I understand the game is anyhow finished, right?

Would you be willing to answer a few questions about the game and the Solarus engine? Here are my questions, if I may:

  • How much time would you say it would take to create a game of similar scope MoS DX in Solarus? And where is the most time spent? Planning? Creating the world or the puzzles? Or the last polishing?
  • You have a lot of logical dependencies in such a game (e.g. Chest containing X can only be reached with items Y and Z and you need X to do ...). How did you plan/map/verify those dependencies?
  • What did you do to plan it all? How much did you plan ahead and how much of the world did you just create "ad hoc"?
  • What would you think, how much effort (money, time) would it be to replace all Nintendo graphics, sounds, music? It would be so great to not depend on Nintendo being nice and ignore the game forever.

Thanks a lot! Hope this list is not to long ;)