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Your projects / .DAT Compiler
November 18, 2013, 02:14:35 AM
Hello, RoughIngot here! First post on the forum and I wanted to share one of my creations.

I've created a .bat(BATCH file) to help in the creation of the .DAT files needed to import tilesets into Solarus. The only thing you need is a .png containing your tileset and any image editing software (i.e. GIMP, Photoshop, etc...).

To use the Compiler:
    Open your .png in your image editing software. Overlay a Grid of 32x32 pixels with 2 subdivisions lying on the 16 and 8 pixels.
    Run the .bat and follow any on-screen instructions. Refer to the gridded .png for (x,y) and size values.

I plan on recreating this with Eclipse and Kivy using Pything to obtain a better app with an enhanced user interface and graphical referencing abilities but for now the batch file should work well enough.

We're open to any suggestions on making this better!

The script was written in BATCH Script using Notepad++. The script is totally opensource and free-to-use for any personal or commercial use. Just let me know because I'd love to see your project.

Hopefully this helps in your .DAT creation!

Any questions can be sent to or


UPDATE: 11/18/13
   Typo found and fixed in DatCreationMenu.bat
   Added a line of text to clarify tile position