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Development / Need Help With Having an NPC Follow the Hero
« on: May 02, 2023, 07:36:06 PM »

I am new to using the Solarus engine. I want to create an NPC that follows the hero as a companion by closely following behind the hero and following the same path as the hero; the type of movement that's used in A Link to the Past when Link escorts Zelda out of Hyrule Castle and when Marin accompanies Link for part of Link's Awakening, and is at as old as the classic snake game genre.

Any suggestions for implementing this in Solarus?

UPDATE 1: After watching some videos of the section of A Link to the Past where Link escorts Zelda out of Hryule Castle for reference, I observed some details of Zelda's movement that may help: upon entering any new area or exiting a set of stairs, Zelda always starts one in-game step behind Link, stays still after Link's first in-game step, then starts moving after Link's second in-game step, with Zelda's steps being the step Link took two steps previously. When Link stops moving, Zelda immediately stops moving at the same time, and when Link resumes moving, Zelda immediately resumes moving.

After observing this, the plan I have created is to essentially store the hero's movements in a linked list of maximum length 1: upon entering a new map section, the linked list will be empty. When the hero moves, their "step" is pushed into the list, and once the list is full, the non-playing character does each step that is "popped" out of the linked list. When the hero stops moving, the non-playing character stops moving.

I know how to create a linked list in Lua, so there are two things I still need:
1. The ideal method of storing each in-game step in the linked list.
2. How to implement, "while (the hero is moving) {}".

Any suggestions for solving those two things?

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