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Hopefully you've fixed this already, but I've had a look and I'm getting the same problem with get_facing_entity just returning the same entity each time.

I'm just a beginner with Solarus but it definitely looks like a bug?

However, when my custom entity collides with a chest, my function isn't triggering, only jumpers - so that might be a problem with part of your code that isn't shown.

You might want to post the problem with get_facing_entity on the gitlab as an Issue, I don't expect that to happen.

Anyway, I've found a workaround that will hopefully do what you want:

Change the line:

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function jumper_found():to
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function jumper_found(self, object):
self will be the custom_entity, and object will be the same as your object variable - you won't need to assign it, just delete the 'object = get_facing_entity()' line.

I worked this out from reading the docs on set_can_traverse, it mentions that the function you assign can take 2 parameters, the entity and the one you're colliding with.

Hopefully that helps if you haven't already fixed it.  :D

Your projects / Re: First Practice Project Ready to Play!
« on: June 29, 2021, 12:03:08 AM »
Yep, played it, completed it, it was nice  :) Congrats on finishing!

I don't know anything about Solarus (yet) but:
When I ran solarus in the same folder as the game's quest.dat, it worked.
But when I tried loading the quest in the Solarus Quest Editor, and tried to 'Add Quest', it wouldn't load until I moved quest.dat and project-db.dat into the /data/ folder.
After that, the quest loaded fine. (This is using the source code, not the .solarus file)

Other than that, no bugs, everything was straightforward and easy to understand/play.  ;D

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