Pick Name Script

Started by Zefk, November 17, 2016, 01:25:49 AM

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This script is about picking a name for the hero. Pick a name, any name!

Download Demo:
Pick Name Script

1.Use bitmaps(png,etc).
2.Use of sol.text_suface for font packages (Any Solarus compatible font package you want)
3.Ability to change the number of boxes, text to show, and change the spacing between each line of text and/or box.
4.The ability to easily change the text in the, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:".
5.Easy to change! Go down to the comment, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:" at the beginning of the script.
6.A RGB color reference comment list at the end of the script
7.The ability to easily change the font in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:."
8.Easily change the font color in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:." Uses RGB color, so check the reference list at the end of the script.
9.Easily change the font size in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:."

YouTube Preview:
Pick Name Script

Gif Preview:

Next Script:
I will be finishing and releasing my gallery script. Honestly...it could easily be modified for visual novel usage.

This looks pretty co0ol <3 I literally didn't notice until just now that mine, as well as many other forum members' names are listed lol
My tilesets page can be found here: