A List of Scripts around the Forum

Started by Zefk, January 09, 2017, 01:19:53 AM

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January 09, 2017, 01:19:53 AM Last Edit: May 15, 2017, 07:26:07 AM by Zefk
This was on the, "The Solarus Resource Help Project," but that post reached its limit. I hope no one minds me dropping the scripts scattered around the forum here. I will add to this list as I find new scripts.

Example menu script information by llamazing: Here

NPC movement paths and obstacle detection: Here

Solarus Tower Defence Style by Kibos1er! Preview and Download

Changing the hero sprite. Here

Platformer or Side Scrolling functionality by wrightmat! New fully working version with ladder functionality for Solarus 1.5: Here or sample

Old version of Platformer or Side Scrolling functionality by wrightmat! Here and Zutokaza's test  - As I can see there are bugs to work out because of new updates to the Solarus Engine probably.

A project by MetalZelda! Has a lot of good scripts. Here

A project by Wrightmat! Has a lot of excellent scripts. Here

A clever hack for disabling the charged sword attack. Here and a new usage example: Here
-My old usage example includes multi event setup: Here

ARPG game Scripts by Christopho and his team! Here
-Click the game and at the bottom will be the source code that can be used as a template.

Controlling the Hero with an AI Script: Here

Companion Script: Here

Blend modes: Here

Work in progress for a General Ally script: Here

Fog script and map name display: Here

An article on programming video game gravity. Here

A debug script: Here

Change state Super Saiyan example: Here

Line of sight enemy hero detection: Here

Level up code: Here

Scripts to allow custom jump over custom teletransporters: Here

Variable in dialog: Here

Displaying text on the screen to a certain position: Here

Grab place values of a variable: Here

Grab char in a string: Here

Clicking the screen with your mouse: Here

Get mouse coordinates and click an image around the screen: here

Dragging an image with the mouse cursor: Here

Menu example by llamzing: Here

Module example by llamazing and others: Here

Displaying text on the screen: Here

Adding text to a txt file: Here and Here

Adding multiple lines of text to a txt file and remove them: Here

Adding text and values to a save file: Here

Fade in/out example: Here

Overwriting an array list of string text drawn arrays: Here

Custom sword item script: Here

Animated sprites for dialogs (custom dialog script): Here

Tech Demo using Cythera style interactive dialogs: Here

Diarandor's Rain Script: Here (He plans to update it, so..you might have to search for the new one until I update this post.)

Change sword variant: Here

Custom entity switch: Here

Moving camera: Here

Color commands for Christopho's dialog_box.lua: Here

Requiring an item when talking to a NPC: Here

Creating a custom entity with script: Here

Circle movement: Here

Zolarus Chripora Script Pack - Pseudocode like code in progress