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Started by vlag, June 14, 2017, 12:41:20 PM

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Hi everyone,

I recently subscribed to the Apple Developer Program and tried to build a Solarus package for iOS which is accepted for an upload on iTunes Connect, only way to make external tests in the wonderful world of Apple's smartphone ;)
After a little fight with XCode, iSolarus is ready and available for 87 days on the TestFlight application, in a package containing the ZSDX quest.
For ones who want to test, you just have to install TestFlight and give me your email address so I can add you on the tester list.

For information, this package has of course only a preview/test purpose and won't ever be submitted for an App Store publication.
It's deployed for iOS 9.1 minimum and should run on armv7 and arm64.
About dependencies, the main binary is linked with LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3, which is the first and only version to support arm64. however the JIT is not allowed on iOS, so the interpretation is still faster than using the plain Lua interpreter but it runs much slower than on other platforms, so you might see some slowdown.

Glad we finally have a Modern iOS port working. :) Kinda makes me want to see if I can get the Android port running again.

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Thanks ! :)

However unfortunately nobody seems to be interested in such a port, the package is still untested :P

I guess you should have more success with an Android port regarding the Solarus community. Now that touch events are handled in the engine and the ZMC quest includes features for virtual buttons, you should be able to build an Android test package without changing anything in both source codes (or a very few things in the quest code, basically changing an "if iOS" into "if iOS or Android")

I would love to try your ios port. I sent you a private message with my Apple ID included.

Quote from: Nate-Devv on June 23, 2017, 05:42:33 AM
Glad we finally have a Modern iOS port working. :) Kinda makes me want to see if I can get the Android port running again.

Actually, I'd be very interested in an Android port! I currently only have a Galaxy Note 10.1 since my sister's borrowing my laptop, so that'd be really useful.
That hare can run, but can he SWIM?

sorry for the necropost, I'm just catching with the engine in general.

┬┐can I still test your package?

Yes of course, could you just give me an email address so I can add you to the tester list ?


Sorry to bring this old post back but I'm not sure it received the attention it deserves. I'm actually VERY interested in such a port. Is the iSolarus tests still available?


We talked about an iOS port on Discord. Nobody wants to pay de $100 fee every year to get the app on the store.  ;D
You can come talk with us about it if you're interested in developing it (and paying the Apple tax)!