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Started by MetalZelda, October 13, 2015, 03:10:54 PM

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Yes, I am currently adjusting all menues, unfortunately, I am using a mask in the pause background with noise and color, the mask is a png file, and it would be useless to make a huge resolution bitmap for this, so I'm limiting it to 432x240 as the max resolution, turns out it looks good in fullscreen in a 16:10 screen.
The same thing apply for the file selection screen where the background is a bitmap and not a static color.

If the problem is the size of the png (because it has borders), in case the image is too small for some resolutions you could add black (opaque) rectangle surfaces for the right and left borders.
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Nah I think I would rest with my resolution solution, plus, higher resolution means more things to display, and curiously, there are slowdowns when fullscreen ... on menus ... It even does it in MoS and BoM, in 320x240

Widescreen in action

Okay, I didn't worked hard on ES this february, the reason is, I found a job and it's a bit too much to handle, the game still progress though, I might take a break because I wanna play Breath of the Wild (Get hyped !).

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Okay, so i played the fuck out of Botw and thought that I should try things for this project.

This is the new titlescreen, that have both title and selection screen. This was something I wanted to achieve back in very early days of ES, way before i wanted map titlescreens.
Japanese title was added as well, translations is a bit different because the Japanese game name is a c/p of ALTTP

The 3 file system is still there, in "continue", hero mode is now a thing that user is free to chose when selecting "new game"

You don't have to worry about the gameplay, it'll remain the same, however.

Expect a new trailer soon.