In need of NPCs sprites for ALTTP

Started by Hawkinzon, January 22, 2017, 08:32:12 PM

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I am wondering if anyone has additionally NPCs sprites for ALTTP?
If you watch Christopho's english youtube tutorial, you can see that he have loads of sprites for NPCs (note! The youtube video should start where you can see the sprites)

Unfortunately these sprites aren't within the ALTTP-pack that I've downloaded

If anyone have additional NPCs sprites and is willing to share I gladly accept them :)
And of course, if you have made your own sprites I include you in credits!


This is a quite old tutorial, you should check the new playlist.  In the alttp pack there are at least the npc sprites I had in that tutorial, but with better names:

Once I finish updating the Absolute Dungeon Tilesets (I am recoloring each one with slight fixes to the palettes, and adding the palette itself in 8 x 8 squares like I did in the Full Hyrule set, as well as adding the Full Hyrule and overworld minimap tilesets to the package), I was considering creating an NPC pack as well, containing sprites from the game, as well as sprites from Ancient Stone tablets (BS-X Zelda 3, which contained frames of animation for sprites that do not exist in LttP).  I had also considered adding some of Chris' sprites from Mystery of Solarus (except the Children of Solarus themselves), since he had more sprites to choose from than just the LttP ones.

However this is an undertaking I'll have to put off until another day, if I still plan on doing it :)
My tilesets page can be found here: