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Started by HarleyDavidson, January 17, 2017, 03:00:21 PM

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Hi there!
At first, thank you very much for developing this great piece of software.

I watched several of the official tutorials on youtube, but these are all zelda-themed.

Is there a tutorial for developing a game from scratch?
Like creating a tilemap, generating the first map,
implementing a hero, treasures, items, npc?

I did not found anything. If there's really nothing at this point, I will document my process
and write a tutorial.

We are working on a non Zelda resource pack, but at this point it not finished enough to make a full game with it or to make a lot of tutorials.
You have to create your own tilesets and sprites.

So I created a new quest and deleted everything (sprites, maps, entities and so on)
except my hero and my map with tileset.
The game starts, but the console displays:

Info: Solarus 1.5.1
Info: Opening quest 'C:/Users/admin/Dropbox/SolarusQuests/meinQuest'
Info: Sound volume: 100
Info: Music volume: 100
Info: Joypad support enabled: true
Info: 2D acceleration: yes
Info: Turbo mode: no
Info: Video mode: normal
Info: LuaJIT: yes (LuaJIT 2.0.3)
Info: Language: en
Info: Lua console: yes
Info: Simulation started
Error: Cannot find quest file 'sprites/hero/tunic1.dat'
Error: Cannot find quest file 'sprites/entities/shadow.dat'
Error: Cannot find quest file 'sprites/hero/sword1.dat'
Error: Cannot find quest file 'sprites/hero/sword_stars1.dat'
Error: Cannot find quest file 'sprites/hero/trail.dat'
Error: Missing entities image for tileset 'TileSet': tilesets/TileSet.entities.png

I cannot find any links to these files mentioned in the error messages.
Why are they shown?
Please see the attached zip file

You cannot just delete all sprites and hope the game will work correctly. Some sprites are required for the game to run correctly, in particular hero sprites.

Ok, so these files are linked to the engine internally.
My quest starts and works without any errors so far (it is only the main hero and one map).

I try to fix these errors my copying them out of the example quest. Thanks so far! :)

Thank you!
This list is very helpful.
At this moment I'm watching your tutorials  ;)

Quote from: Christopho on January 19, 2017, 02:24:28 PM
Here is the exact list of filenames currently hardcoded in the engine: https://github.com/solarus-games/solarus/blob/dev/work/data_files.txt

Is there a list of hardcoded animation names?

I know "walking" and "stopped" are some hardcoded keywords.
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