Solarus Developers are Excellent - Graphic Pack Time!

Started by Zefk, May 05, 2016, 05:06:14 AM

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-Bone like tunnel rotate
-Compatible log pieces
-House color variation extras
-Large Signs
-Color variations (cave entrance, trees, etc)

This will be the last preview update, but I will post here again when I get everything packaged. The Fairyolica World is pretty much done besides some tweaks that will be made. I will start the packaging process and put it on github. It will probably take about a week probably... Here

It will be another week due to lots of house reformatting and positioning. The rest of the tileset will be a breeze. Here is a preview of the inside store.

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I added sprites. They will be in the GitHub soon. You can download the 7z with the dat files on this post too. (Login for that)

Alternative Download:


Added some critter sprites. These are under CC0. I attached the dat and graphics to this post.

Alternative Download:
Critter Pack