Free game art for Zelda like game (and other)

Started by Mikko from OGG, April 06, 2017, 08:50:18 PM

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Hello, I have recently added an FREE art pack for Zelda like game to my website at

You can find this art from,

Keep up the awesome work,
Mikko from OGG

This is very cool! But in my opinion, credit should be given to the author (he/she deserves it), even if it is not necessary.

The overall quality is impressive. (The only thing I don't like of this tileset is that trees are too similar in style to the ones of Zelda Minish Cap, but they are still different so it's ok.)
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You are absolutely right, if used on a project it would be great if you would credit the author. Details are included with the download. (I always include them even for CC0) is all about curating the best free game art I find from the web, so in most cases I am not the author. (altho I feature my own art too)

Mikko from OGG