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Started by LifeLineTech, December 20, 2016, 01:28:17 AM

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Hello everyone.

I am Sam, I own LifeLine Technologies in the USA. I developed a game on a platform to which I no longer have support for. The game was called Graalonline and it was similar to this game engine.

With over 4,800 game images, 1,000 game sounds, animations, worlds and all of it I did not want to let all of this work go to waste. So I've been looking around at different game engines to host my game on. I'll most likely have to re-do the animations, levels and scripts but with a tileset and all of these custom game images already made it shouldn't be that hard.

So looking around, I found this game engine. It looks like exactly what I need. However, I noticed this game might not support online play?

My game is all about online game play and this is how it thrives. I am not sure I'd be able to use this engine, unfortunately, if it does not support this. I hope that it does because this engine looks exactly like what I need!

Here's some screenshots of the game in action for you to look at it for the hell of it.

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Are you really the creator of Graal Online?  If so, that is absolutely wonderful!  You sir just made my night!! :D

I remember back in the mid 1990s when that project was referred to as Zelda 3 Online.  That project took up a LOT of my free time in that time up until around 2002.  I followed your game for years and even had an account on the game.  I didn't play online as much but I did play around with the map editor a lot, and even got my hands on a world generator for Graal.  It takes me back just thinking about all the fun I had on that game <3

I have to say it was Graal Online that helped to solidify my love of Zelda and be the fan that I am today, and I owe my love of the franchise to you my friend!!  I loved Graal Online and while I am not that skilled with code or programming, I loved building maps and making these huge explorable worlds (even if I was the only one to have ever played with it).

It is so nice to finally meet you Sam, and if I could meet you in person, I would LOVE to shake your hand.

Thank you for your contribution to the Zelda community, and thank you for being a part of my younger years with Graal Online!!


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Welcome here Sam!
There is no built-in networking support in the engine (yet?) but the Lua API of Solarus allows to include any external Lua library to your project, like LuaSocket. You will have to script the whole networking logic, but it should be possible.

Sam, has Graal Online been discontinued and, if not, is the community still thriving? I have not been apart of it since 2002.  I still have the Graal Classic engine and map editor and have rarely opened it up so I do not know :)

It seems the old Graal Classic forum is no longer active, or at least it does not appear to be (unless it has been relocated).  I ask because you said there was no longer any support for Graal Online, so I wondered if you were referring to the community or the ability to develop it further.
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