A Zelda game by Kory Toombs

Started by Diarandor, December 05, 2016, 06:30:03 AM

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Hi! I found a Zelda game made with the Solarus engine by Kory Toombs, this is the website:
I thought it would be a good idea to create a topic about this; but I have not played this game so I know nothing about it.
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I always though rpgmaker.net was for RPG Maker project, I was wrong, governement lied once again

Gonna playtest this

To be fair, I believe this site has not been updated in awhile it seems, and unless I am mistaken, and I probably am, I think they have discontinued support for the forum.  I used to be a member (and may yet still be) but I believe I got a notification once stating the site was basically abandoned...I might be thinking of another RPG Maker forum though :)
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I just downloaded this game and completed it within 2 hours. It is more a mini-game than a full game. Your main goal is to save zelda, and to do that you have to go through dungeon after dungeon getting items which will finally allow you to reach the final dungeon which holds zelda. The dungeons however, are more mini dungeons, non of them have more than 5 rooms, except for the final dungeon, which has no more than 10. It is a very simple game, but while I completed and I never got bored, I definitely suggest you play it. It should also be added to the community games list on the website!

That's my game.  Thanks for playing it :)