Character Input Script

Started by Zefk, November 16, 2016, 02:40:05 PM

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This script allows the payer to input names using a textbox.

Download Demo:
Character Input Script

1.Use bitmaps(png,etc) for alphabet
2.Use of sol.text_suface for font packages (Any Solarus compatible font package you want)
3.Input text for characters names or anything you want.
4.Backspace. You are able to delete.
5.Move in all directions and loop around.
6.The ability to position or change coordinates of the input string. x/y-axis
7.Easy to change! Go down to the comment, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:" at the beginning of the script.
8.A RGB color reference comment list at the end of the script
9.The ability to easily change the font in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:."
10.Easily change the font color in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:." Uses RGB color, so check the reference list at the end of the script.
11.Easily change the font size in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:."

YouTube Preview:
Character Input Script

Gif Preview:

Next Script:
I will be working on releasing my name picking list script.