Multiple Digit Display

Started by Zefk, November 15, 2016, 05:25:33 AM

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November 15, 2016, 05:25:33 AM Last Edit: November 15, 2016, 07:24:49 AM by Zefk
This script displays multiple number values on the screen. This is mainly a demonstration on how my Advanced Digit Display can be duplicated. You can display 40 values at once with this script. I have no clue why anyone would need 40 to display at the same time, but go for it.

Download Demo:
Multiple Digit Display

1.Use bitmaps(png,etc) for numbers or any alien numbering system images
2.Use of sol.text_suface for font packages (Any Solarus compatible font package you want)
3.The script has a limit of 9 number places.
4.The ability to position or change coordinates of the numbers, money sign, and background to
different locations on the screen.
5.Easy to change! Go down to the comment, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:" at the beginning of the script.
6.The ability to show multiple different backgrounds, 40 different displays, or money signs.
7.A RGB color reference comment list at the end of the script
8.The ability to easily change the font in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:."
9.Easily change the font color in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:." Uses RGB color, so check the reference
list at the end of the script.
10.Easily change the font size in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:."
11.Limiter money bag example in, "CHANGE SETTINGS AREA:."
12.The ability to turn off the display. It might be annoying always being on the screen..
13.The ability to add certain amount of zeros you want before your numbers for the place value.
For the thousand place it would be four(4). EX: 5 gold = 0005 (otherwise no zeros will be shown with zero(0))

YouTube Preview:
Multiple Digit Display

Gif Preview:

Next Script:
I will be working on releasing my letter input script. That can be used for character names.


Bugs fixed:
I forgot to add these lines. That caused the numbers to repeat. For example, number value 43 would be 4343434343...

Code ( lua) Select
ddc.currency_split = {}
ddc.currency_split_2 = {}