[UPDATE] Full Hyrule Tileset Now Has Map Tags!

Started by ffomega, October 01, 2016, 08:04:56 AM

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How many times have you placed a treasure chest, or a specific destructable, or even an NPC who gives the Hero an item, and forgot which one had what item?

"Hmm...I set up a chest in this map to contain a heart piece, and that NPC gives the hero a tunic...but I can't remember which one!!"

This forced you to rummage through your maps until you found the NPC/chest/etc you were looking for.  Maybe you wanted to confirm this entity gave the Hero a specific item, or perhaps you had a change of plans and wanted that entity to give him something else.

Now, you can place map tags on your maps.  These little speech bubble-type icons can be placed on the map (default layer 2), and an icon can then be placed within it so you can clearly see which chest or NPC has what item for the Hero.  You'll also notice that there are colored numbers within these special tag tiles.  These are placeholders which will allow you to plae visual labels to your teletransporters.  If Teletransporter 012 was supposed to warp you to destination 111 on another map, you can set that up with the text labels that already exist within the tileset.  But now, you can use different colored numbers to represent the different teletransporters and destinations!

There are some things to remember when placing these special tiles:

1. They MUST be made dynamic.  Making them dynamic separates them from the actual tiles on the map

2. You MUST disable them all at start.

This means that when you start your map, these dynamic tiles will not be drawn, thus you won't have to go back into your maps and remove them prior to releasing your game.

Currently, only the Full Hyrule tileset is utilizing these map tags.  The dungeon and indoor maps will need more icons such as keys and dungeon items like the map and compass first, and there are way more tilesets and data files to alter than just the one overworld set.

I hope this tweak to the tileset will be of great help to you all.

Happy Mapping!!
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Dynamic tiles that are disabled, simple and brillant idea :D
You can use it to add any kind of notes even though the editor does not directly support it (yet?)

I'm so happy you guys like the idea! :D  I probably should have sectioned off the map tags though xD
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