Sprites Sizes

Started by MitchellVirgil, August 21, 2016, 05:11:45 PM

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Hey Folks! I was wondering if you can use sprites larger than the default? Approximately 45 pixels, and if so, how? Thanks!

Yes, you can. Sprites can have any size.

PS: You don't say it, but I guess your purpose is to use bigger sprites for the hero, isn't it? In that case, you should not mix up the size of the sprite and the size of an entity, they are different things. Sizes of entities must be multiples of 8. However, the sprite of the hero can only be 16x16 at present, so if you use a very big sprite you may have problems because of the small size of the hero (it would have a weird effect against walls), so take this into account.
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I have found that the bigger the size of the average sprite the slower the game tends to move.
keep that in mind if you plan on having a more than a few on screen. Your size should be fine though.