[SPRITE] 2 Sets of Link's Profile

Started by ffomega, August 11, 2016, 04:04:10 PM

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I have had these on my hard drive for over a decade.  These were made as a request and I never got around to using them.  However, for Solarus I figured I may as well upload them.  I am unsure, but I believe one of these images was made by someone named "Kevin-1990" from the Zelda Fan Game Central forums, the other one escapes my memory as of now because the images had been cropped and slightly altered to suit my personal needs.  I apologize that I no longer have the names of the original authors for confirmation, but that I can only speculate as to one of the image's creators.  If any of you knows who made them please mention in a reply and I'll add them in as credit.

Okay, enough rambling xD  Here they are!

I hope they come in handy for anyone who was looking for a Link Profile avatar for their equipment submenu
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