[WEBSITE] Update to my website - Added download links for dungeon tilesets

Started by ffomega, July 25, 2016, 02:24:15 AM

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I added a page to my site so you can download the 16 different dungeon tileset images and the accompanying data file from the site.  In the future, this tileset will be updated.  Christopho wants to rename all the tile patterns to0 be compatible with his existing tilesets.  Please be aware that once he does this, you will need to redownload, and go through the steps to use the tileset(s) all over again (not difficult though).

Anyway, the site is here:

I laid out the page with previews so you could see what the tileset looks like in a map.

Please enjoy and...

Happy Mapping!
My tilesets page can be found here: