Zelda: Book of Mudora

Started by wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian), August 08, 2014, 01:53:58 AM

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August 08, 2014, 01:53:58 AM Last Edit: November 28, 2016, 04:28:21 AM by wrightmat
My full Zelda game, Book of Mudora, is done! The release includes Solarus 1.5(.1), the pre-release that Christopho posted to fix the software surface memory leak) for Windows, and other platforms are available at http://www.solarus-games.org/

Download: https://sites.google.com/site/zeldabom/download

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk13ltcilDM

Thanks everyone for your help, and enjoy!

Yeah! How far can we play the game? Do you have an estimated completion percentage?

I would estimate 30-40% complete, depending on how much of my plan I end up executing. It's fully playable to the third dungeon, and partially to the fourth (plus about half of an ongoing dungeon). Obviously things will be added, so throw ideas my way if you have them!


could you please provide another mirror.

My download keeps reseting from google drive  :-\.

UPDATE! Version 0.3 (the first true public beta) has been released! This is very similar to the last version, but with some polish and a little more action added in. For all the details and the download link, please check out the game's site: https://sites.google.com/site/zeldabom/demos

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Hi Matt,
I am playing your 0.3 version, it looks amazing! And the world is huge.

I think I have a glitch, I am at the beginning of the game and I can no longer get back to the minigame where I have to light some torches. There is an invisible wall before the entrance of the game area. I have attached my savegame to this message.
I also had a few collision issues when scrolling between maps (I am often stuck in a tree when the new map starts), I can make a video to show you if it can help.

Also, I was able to reach a large part of the huge forest at the west, I am not sure if it is normal to go there so soon. I got the mushroom, I went in a dungeon in this forest, I also talked to Gerudos :)

Anyway I will continue to play (I noticed I can traverse walls with control), keep up the good work!

Actually my savegame seems broken, the NPCs think that the race is still running but there is no timer. Maybe it is because I saved and quit in the middle of the race before?

February 01, 2015, 06:48:19 PM #8 Last Edit: February 01, 2015, 07:09:33 PM by wrightmat
Hey Christopho,

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the compliments!

When you could no longer go back to the minigame, was that after you left the map for the huge forest in the west? If so, I've fixed that issue - you can no longer go west as long as the race is going on (although if you got there from using control, I'd recommend deleting the debug file anyway because that could cause all kinds of other issues!). You'll definitely get to explore the forest and talk to Gerudos, but not until after the intro section :)

I'm slowly working on all of those scrolling issues, unfortunately there are several of them. That's the main reason I left debug mode on in the demo so control could be used to traverse these if needed. I'd recommend starting a new game though...

Ok I will start a new game. I did not use control to go west, I only used it to workaround the bug. So you fixed the issue in the development version or is there a new archive to download? Should I play with the git version?
From what you describe, I'm not sure if it is fixed. It is still possible to go west before the race, to enter the smith cave, then come back and start the race. At this point if you save and quit during the race, you will restart at the smith cave and be stuck like I was, right?

For the scrolling issues, this is okay for a development version. The player is never really stuck because you can always come back. Of course it will need to be fixed at some point before an official release :)

No new archive yet, but probably soon. For now, the github version will be the most up to date.

I believe I found your path, and have patched it as well (sneaking between the trees south of the ranch gate, right?). The intent was that you wouldn't be able to leave the initial Ordon Village area during the intro, basically until you get the sword. At that point, you can go pretty much anywhere on the map.

Okay thanks for the precisions :) Yes I sneaked in through the trees south of the ranch gate. I will play with the github version now :)

Hi again!
I am playing the github version with a new savegame now. Is it normal that without doing the race, I can go very very far to the north? I ended up in the castle there, but maps are so huge that I have no idea where the limits are :D It amost looks like Minecraft!

Haha, no. What route did you take to get up there? Until the race is completed, anything north of town should be blocked by those yellow banner signs.

I simply said "No" to the "Do you want to start the race?" dialog because I wanted to visit the ranch first, and there was nothing blocking me to the North.