Zelda: Book of Mudora

Started by wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian), August 08, 2014, 01:53:58 AM

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This game looks great, I hope you finish it!

Thanks! I just released version 0.5, which is the full beta. Direct download link is at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bwgyk1le4wrkp38/zbom-0.5.zip?dl=0

Technically the game is "finished" because you can complete the main quest and defeat the final boss. This doesn't mean I won't be adding side quests and such in future versions :)

This is amazing to see that your project is in constant evolution each update, al'right, time to play  :)
Chris, are you gonna continue BoM let's play ?

I don't think I will do a new let's play of Book of Mudora soon because I probably already played most of the game.
But congratulations wrightmat, it is great to see your project making such good progress! :)

Congratulations wrightmat!  :D
I will play your game as soon as I can. :)
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Christopho, you have a few dungeons still to do - but I totally understand!

Thanks everyone for the awesome support!

I found a Bug: In Ordon village there is a house where the left and right side are traversable!
You know that nearly all of use strugled once
with RPG maker. But now we make with
Solarus! 8)

Thanks! I believe I found the house you're referring to, and it will be fixed in the next release. Please log future bug in the Gihub issue tracker at https://github.com/wrightmat/zbom/issues. Thanks again!

The captchas and questions and everything have to be KILLING these forums.

Anyway, the guy in the bottom, right hand of the map who tells you about the circles, and gives you a gift of 10 rupees -- you can talk to him as many times as you want, and he'll give you 10 each time.

Also, I cant light all of the things in the race, since I need a sword to chop down some bushes, and I can't get the sword without waiting an hour? There has to be a trigger for this somewhere.

I also was stuck on the race screen (could not go south), so I aborted the game and reloaded my last save.

Sorry if there's tone here, but the anti-spam measures are really only punishing members.

Giving 10 rupees every time isn't necessarily a bug. I could check to see if he's given you that prize before, and prevent giving it again, but it's only 10 rupees :)

You can light all of the torches without the sword (in fact, you have to) - just try a different route! It's also intentional that you can't leave that map until the race is complete. Except to the east, which is where the next set of torches are. Think of this as an introductory section of the game!

Christopho controls the settings for the forum, but oftentimes you can't turn off the captcha requirement (and it's generally more helpful than it is detrimental, even if it can be annoying). You could post "issues" on the GitHub also if that's easier. Not sure if there's a captcha there or not.

I just disabled the captcha, and I keep the two verification questions.
We had a lot of spam so I don't really have a choice. We will see if this is okay without captcha and only with the verification questions. Note that the captcha was only required for the first post of each user.

wrightmat -- I understand, it just felt a bit game breaking -- but as I described, I haven't played it enough to know for sure! Thanks for the reply!

Christopho -- Here's a few steps that will probably help:

-- Remove the SMF / Simple Machines Forum footer that is added to each page. Generally, spam bots will scan for these chunks of data w/ the version, and exploit particular issues with them.

-- Change the form design on registration (field names, etc) and make sure to update the PHP as well. Generally these scripts are written to grab specific IDs or element names out of DOM, and if they're different, they will fail.

-- Institute recaptcha instead of the SMF captcha.

A lot of other boards will tend to hold all messages by new members in a moderation queue, and once approved, the member's account becomes "unrestricted", e.g. no captchas and what not.

Not telling you how to run the forum, but I do have quite a bit of experience in handling sock puppet accounts and spam in packaged bulletin board software (phpBB/vBulletin/SMF/etc). So hopefully that will help out.

Hey wrightmatt, Thanks for making this amazing game it is just like real Zelda Game.
This game also Inspired me on making Ura Zelda 2D using your Tilesets. So Thanks for everything! 8)
You know that nearly all of use strugled once
with RPG maker. But now we make with
Solarus! 8)

Thanks for playing!

Please be sure you credit any original tiles that I have for my game. In fact, some of the tiles that are truly unique to my game (like the Ordon flags that I made) I would ask not be used in other projects. Thanks!

I wont but your tilesets are just GREAT  :D
You know that nearly all of use strugled once
with RPG maker. But now we make with
Solarus! 8)