Zelda: Book of Mudora

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I guess it would depend on which tilesets and where I got them :)

Most of my tiles are edited from Nintendo resources, so it's not really my place to give permission. They're still their intellectual property, you won't be able to sell your game, and you run the risk of Nintendo shutting you down.
On the flip side, I spent A LOT of time editing tiles and creating something unique for Book of Mudora, so if you do choose to use them I would ask that you at least credit the work that I did.

I would also ask that you not copy every tile and just throw them in your game - feel free to pick and choose and create your own style just like I did for BoM!

Thank you very much!:)

I know it's a hard work and I appreciate it:)

Speaking of credit - Christopho, who created the "firebird" sprite that's in zsdx? I used it as a base in one of my new boss sprites and want to make sure I give correct credit!

It's Newlink. He created most of the new graphics of ZSDX and he is continuing to work with us on Mercuris' Chest :)

Thanks Christopho, credit added!

New version, and the project is featured on Zelda Fan Game Central!

VERSION 0.44 released 15-JUL-2:
- core path of wind tower finish - able to obtain book
- additional warp points
- short cut added to Pyramid
- additional player direction from NPCs, included new attendent in council office
- trading sequence finished - able to obtain feather
- lost woods expanded
- dialog font replaced and dialog line breaks redone to utilize additional space
- sprite, tile and script fixes throughout

Ok, I'd like to report a few bugs that I had while playing Book of Mudora.
---Changing maps---
I know that this problem has already been reported previously but it still exists: Sometimes Link is stuck when changing maps. That's not a big deal, however, because it is always possible to go back. Another problem with changing maps is that the sidescrolling teleporter seems to be missing or not functioning correctly sometimes. It has even happened that I could enter a map from one side and could not go back the same way...
---Something scary---
At the point when you have to take the bottle away from the thief, I had some problems. After some times, the thief wasn't running away anymore and I just had to speak with him until he handed over the bottle. After some time I returned to this place and saw that the thief was there again. I thought that I could get another bottle due to this obvious error and started the hide-and-seek game again. Now something happened that might sound as if I had invented it by myself: When the thief said that there were still seven times left it suddenly made a really scary noise as if the game was going to crash. Then the thief ran away (without dropping a bottle :()
---The world map (this may contain spoilers)---
I entered the hyrulean sewer from the entrance at the eastern ruins where you have to lift a stone first. Then I passed this very long room and came to the light world near the library. From this point on, the hero's head didn't appear on the world map anymore. I'm sorry that I can't give you more detailed information but I pretty much lost the orientation then. After vistiting the library and talking to this guy, I stumbled upon a teleporter eventually. This teleporter brought me to a place that must be an island because all of it's borders were surrounded by water. I also found a kind of a temple but I was unable to enter it (teleporter bug, I suppose). So since there was no way to get out of there (or maybe I overlooked one because I hadn't had the nerves to search every inch of these giant maps systematically) I changed the savegame file a little bit and respawned in front of the castle. After the kidnapping of Zelda the world map worked correctly again.

Anyway, it's a great game ;D It is very impressive, how many new sprites you have created.
P.S: Talking about sprites: To whom should I give credit if I use the sprites of the pyramid?

Thanks for the reports!

If you were able to provide screenshots for the areas where teleporters fall, I would be able to fix them much more easily.

There have been a few issues with the thief's hide and seek game reported, this is something I plan to correct in the next release.

The area on the other side of the map isn't on the world map given to you by the Gerudo, which is why Link's head isn't showing on it. I'm working on having an alternate map (or none initially) for this area, and it will be included in the next release.

The pyramid was a direct rip from FSA, but I don't recall who did the rip (still working on compiling all the credits). It was a full rip of every sprite in the game together in a zip file, if you're able to find it.

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Suggestion for the game start. Those kids are following you everywhere, that's a cool thing. But it can cause Link being trapped in a corner or something, cause you can't walk through them. You should fix that. Making the kids traversable when they are following you is the solution i guess.

I'm trapped here

Another bug:
When you start the race, you can start multiple counter-sounds with running multiple times through the start.

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Race sound issue is fixed - thanks for the report!

I agree with you about the kids, but the engine doesn't currently allow me to set NPCs as traversable. I have logged an issue on the Solarus github.

I finished the temple under the Hylian Lake in my last streaming and I was wondering how far I am in what can be played now. Can I continue to play or am I close to reaching the end of the current demo?

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Thanks for playing Christopho! It's been fun to watch and it's been really helpful to fix some stuff :)

There is one more full and complete dungeon (Snowpeak Caverns) after the one you finished. Then there's another dungeon that's technically fully playable, but may have some more content added (Wind Tower). The final dungeon is not playable yet (Interloper Sanctum), so you can't actually finish the game.

There is also side quests still to do - multiple optional items and upgrades, a full trading sequence, heart pieces, etc.


New version fixes all of the above issues, except for the kids causing you to be stuck.

VERSION 0.45 released 16-JUL-15
  - Added dungeon exploration mechanic and advanced compass (with secret chime) [still in progress]
  - Display clouds when in North Hyrule or Subrosia without upgraded map, added map for Subrosia
  - Updated dungeon maps for Sewers and Grove to correctly show doors and rooms
  - Added content to second floor of Hyrule Castle
  - Fixed night overlay not displaying correctly and updated other overlay code
  - Added capability to have color text dialogs and starting colorizing existing dialogs [still in progress]
  - Added enemies to North Hyrule field in order to discourage early exploration

I had skipped posting a version because, well, I'm not really sure :/ I included the description of everything in the last two releases for your browsing pleasure. Next stop - Solarus 1.5 and ZBOM 0.5, first full beta!

Anyway, current version is 0.47 and the download link is https://www.dropbox.com/s/lwdo70oqvan19cl/zbom-0.47.zip?dl=0

VERSION 0.47 released 01-SEP-15
  - Work on last two dungeons - Tower of Winds is fully playable, Interloper Sanctum is not
  - Allow ice cane to freeze water as well as lava
  - Enabled more waterway swimming and added a few secrets
  - Corrected behavior of ice cane and creating/pushing ice blocks (could still use a little tweaking)
  - Fully scripted bow/arrows to allow two different types of arrows and better behavior
  - Fully scripted hookshot to allow more configurable behavior
  - Starting to add more Hylian NPCs for North Hyrule and a few other areas

VERSION 0.46 released 17-AUG-15
  - Show temporary HUD popup when collectible is picked
  - Fully implemented red and blue tunics
  - Finished advanced maps for last two dungeons
  - Dynamically determine Book variant to give so dungeons can be truly done in any order
  - Implement shovel and soft soil
  - Implement ability to make and buy advanced potions
  - Additional or improved enemies
  - Additional heart pieces
  - Begin implementation of hammer
  - Optimization of scripts and sprites
  - Implement camera movement with control key

Nice to see that scripts from Zelda Return of the Hylian SE could be useful ! :)

Definitely - they're amazing! Thank you for everything you scripted!