Zelda: Book of Mudora

Started by wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian), August 08, 2014, 01:53:58 AM

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Interesting... That was definitely a bug that has now been corrected. You should have no problem continuing on your current game though if you go back to village and continue with the race.

I think I will do some live-streaming of Zelda Book of Mudora on Twitch soon...

That's cool, I have never done anything on Twitch. I have a new version set to release - I try to update in accordance with the engine. If you wouldn't mind, please use version 0.42: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjqkca8szaer8bx/zbom-0.42.zip?dl=0

I played a bit your quest and it's very good !
And then, I had a look at your quest data and noticed some nice ennemies were new. Did you create them (sprites and Lua) ?

Yes, I have created quite a few new scripts for this game, including enemies. I believe all of the sprites are ripped or edited from other Zelda games, but I had to code any behavior that Christopho hadn't made for one of his games. A lot of these scripts are not complete.

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Christopho, I watched your Twitch! It was cool watching someone else play my game, knowing they're in an entirely different country :) Unfortunately, I don't speak French, so most of your commentary was lost on me.

I noticed some issues while you were playing, some of which I was able to fix already. Others I couldn't quite tell if there was something wrong, or what the exact error was. Feel free to send me your error.txt or just log bugs in the github tracker.

List of things I've already fixed:

  • Camera pans to Ordona's lit torch during speech after torch race
  • Crista's position after coming out of the sword dungeon has been corrected. She will now appear surrounded by chuchus as intended :)
  • Sacred Grove dungeon map has been corrected, with the exit moved to the correct location
  • Instructions (hint stones) have been added for the torch lighting and eye switch puzzle rooms
  • Several other small fixes and additions to make things clearer

I had a lot of bugs at the beginning of the stream because I was playing the wrong version (the git master one instead of 0.42).
Then the other main bugs I noticed were:
- Crista's script errors, I try to fix some of them during the game :)
- Crash in the game-over menu, this one is my fault (an image seems to be missing, but a missing image should not crash the game).

Anyway, I enjoy playing your game, and I will continue to play it every Monday! Maybe in English next time?

Hmm... which image was missing for game over? I should be able to replace it.

Nope, don't feel obligated to do it in English on my account - it's your stream! Do what you like!

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Quote from: wrightmat on May 22, 2015, 07:58:04 AM
Please use version 0.42: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjqkca8szaer8bx/zbom-0.42.zip?dl=0

I am using this version but somehow nothing of the HUD is displayed... Is there any newer version I should use?

EDIT: Oh wait, the HUD suddenly appears after completing the maze race.

I've encountered that bug before too, and am still tracking down the cause. I believe it's related to the "item not saved" error I'm getting. Interesting that it reappeared for you though!

Updated version! Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/22nv4cyvmy7tgb7/zbom-0.43.zip?dl=0

  - added NPC dialogs, signs and other markers to assist player
  - additional enemy types and overworld bosses
  - additional warp points, heart pieces, and trading sequence
  - mapping of north hyrule and wind tower
  - bug fixes

Christopho, if possible, please use this version when you play next :)

Nice! I thought I would stop playing for now, waiting for more content or more indications but with this new release maybe I will continue now. Congratulations!

I just reported the most important bugs I had when streaming. I hope it will help! Sorry if some of them are already fixed :)

I'll look at them - thanks!

Hello :)

Christopho told me that I have to ask for your permission if I want to use tilsets from Book of Mudora for a quest of mine, is that possible? :D

Thanks!  :)