Zelda: Book of Mudora

Started by wizard_wizzle (aka ZeldaHistorian), August 08, 2014, 01:53:58 AM

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I am currently stuck looking for the Mountain Top Mausoleum. I completed the forest dungeon, then the pyramid, then the ice, and I can't get any further in the tower of winds which makes me think I missed a dungeon. Any help?

I don't believe there's anything in the Tower of Winds that requires the Mausoleum item, but it's in the Goron area of Death Mountain in the east :)

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Want to play this SO BAD! But i'm on mac :(

But you can play it on mac!!! Solarus is multiplatform!!!
You just need to download the mac version of the engine from the Solarus website:

Ugh... can someone please help me out, step by step? I have a dense ape brain :(

1) Go to the previously told link and click on "Download v1.5.0" under Mac OS X. That should start your download of the engine and game launcher.

2) After downloaded, unzip the file which will get you a folder that contains 3 programs.
                a) one program is called the solarus quest editor and that is where if you are ever interested, you can make you own quest.
                b) The second is just called solarus, this is where you can add all the quests you downloaded and make them available using one simple menu.
                c) The third one is solarus-run. If you place this program in the same folder that contains the data file for the quest the game will launch automatically when you run that program.

3) Then go to https://sites.google.com/site/zeldabom/download and download version 1.1(do not click get full version here, that only gets you 1.0). Then unzip that file.

4) Now launch solarus and click the add quest button on the lower right side. Find the folder that contains the data folder( make sure not to click the data folder itself, it won't work if you do), select it, and click open.

5) that should have added the quest so you can now see it on your quest list. Then click on the quest and click play on the right side to enjoy!

Thanks for the great instructions, Ezka!

I've also taken the opportunity to release version 1.2 (sorry for the delay), so both links will now lead to the download of that version.

Ahahah, I just saw I was in the credits xD It's so awesome. Anyway, I'm planning to do a let's play of the game soon on twitch, with replays on youtube.

The replay will be for march I think, right after my let's play of Dishonored2. So the stream will begin at the end of the month probably. :D (I don't put link for the channels, if you're a minimum logical you'll suppose the nickname for the twitch and the youtube channels xD)

That's awesome Renkineko - thanks!

And of course you're in the credits! You helped me with a lot of scripts, and I basically used your Lost Woods map :)

Congratulations for the release!
Are there a lot of changes since my let's play?

Nah, just bug fixes and such as this point. The final release (v1.0) was about 4 months ago now.

Game looks smooth, but I finished the race & I need to go talk to Rudy, but I can't find him?

Thanks! He's the blacksmith in the southern section of town, not far from your house.

If anyone is fluent enough in Spanish or French and would like to help out, I've committed the beginning of those translations at https://github.com/wrightmat/zbom/. Basically the images and basic strings are translated, but I'm not fluent enough to do all of the dialogs (I'm thinking straight Google Translate would give abysmal results, lol).

If this can wait until summer (July or so), I can make a perfect translation into Spanish. :D
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It can definitely wait, and that would be amazing! Thanks so much!

First we need to fix the spacing issue that occurs when giving the text a different color in the textbox script