Little doc error

Started by linky, July 29, 2014, 05:56:31 PM

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I'm not sure, but i think there is a very little mistake in this page of the documentation (a "coquille" as you say in french) :

when describing the first function :


the name of the optional properties are written in french instead of the real name of the properties which are spelled in english :

horizontal_alignement    instead of    horizontal_alignment
vertical_alignement        instead of    vertical_alignment

I have copied them directly on this page without thinking, to use them in my code, but then got an error by the engine and realized the mistake. But it is ok in the Table of contents to the right. Not very important of course, but could mislead some newcomers like me.



I found a little other one:

for wall entity:

1) map:create_wall(properties)
the first link (in yellow on the picture) goes to:
instead of

as indicated by the second link at the end (return value (wall)) that seems more logic.

2) the last property is again "stops_blocks" (already used above) instead of the new property "stops_projectiles".


Fixed in the git version, thanks again.