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Started by xavius, August 02, 2014, 05:03:46 AM

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Hi evrybody,

I just uploaded a video of a part of one of my dungeons. Not the best video ever recorded and have no sound but anyway, Enjoy!

By the way, does anybody have a good desktop recorder I could use, VLC does not want to record my speaker sound.

Great video!
A few remarks:
- Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between walls, holes and the floor.
- Zelda A Link to the Past graphics don't fit so well with your dungeon graphics. Maybe you intend to change them later? Or at least, you could change their colors.
- Your moving platforms seems to work great. Which is quite surprising because I did not really test such platforms. Did you use dynamic tiles? Did you have any problem?

To record the sound, I'm sure this is possible with VLC but I don't know how to do. I use Linux and ffmpeg for my videos.

Hi Christopho,

For the walls and floors, I though it was ok but I agree that the holes need graphic redraw. I am not a very talented graphic designer plus I am colorblind which does not help much.

For the moving plateform, I used a dynamic tile and a custom entity. I just have an issue to finish, reset the positions and logic every time you past a separator or else you get what you see at the end of the video, desync platforms. When I have cleaned the code, I will release it on the forum.

The conveyors are also a custom entity because the one hard coded pulls you into the middle which I did not like.

The same goes for all the enemies you saw (except bubble). I have to change the graphics yet again.

The last room O.O Wonderful ! I love it, it's a little like I imagined a steampunk game with this engine :) Some remarks : does the ground slowling you is effective when you jump (i.e. can you save time by using jump all the time on this type of ground) ? The ennemy "death cloud" seems to go in the same direction your facing when he is on this type of ground, I suppose it's a bug and will be change sooner or later.

I have a remark close to what Christopho said : I used to have difficulties to see where was the exits of the room sometimes, because there is no really separator (graphically speeking) between some of them. Sometimes, I didn't know if it was the side of the full screen, a wall or an exit (particularly true for the rooms with the slowly ground).

Anyway, really great work.

Thank you Renkineko.

For the death cloud I will check.

For the graphics, I will try to find someone to help me. I really am not the graphic designer type.

A suggestion to help yourself film what you do, is that you have simply a video camera that you put fix on a tripod; after you just film your computer screen with it and save it on some memory card. After you simply upload it on youtube or other.

The only thing is that the quality is less better. I have tryed in time some screen video recorder computer software, but because the computer is slow, the recording is like if you would play and pause, then play again and pause again; so it's not fluid the recording on some softwares with an old computer.


A very good software I used to capture solarus bugs (see my chanel on youtube : ) is Fraps. I have not a very good PC and it's pretty good at recording :)

I like Kdenlive for recording and video editing on Linux. It reminds me of Camtasia and works almost like it.
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